Friday, December 17, 2010

Top 10 most nasty food dishes around the world

Every culture has its own food specialties that are rather unusual to others. Here we have picked out 10 food dishes that are strange and maybe repulsive.

10. Ducks tongue. This specialty is available in Hong Kong, and is often served with celery.

9. Worm-filled lollipops. These lollipops are filled with oatmeal worms and grasshoppers. You simply suck them out and eat them.

8. Haggis. At a first glance it looks like a vegetable, but in reality it’s a sheep’s heart, lungs and liver mixed with spices, oatmeal and onion.
7. Deep fried Mars bar. Considered as one of Scotland’s most famous delicacies, these Mars bars are fried in oil and proudly served in fish and chip shops.
6. Digger wasp rice cracker. In Japan rice crackers are so popular that they are making them with insects like wasps.
5. Fried spiders. These spiders taste like chicken with a crispy surface, and if you want to try one you should go to Cambodia.
4. Snake. Most people despite these creatures but in China stuffed snake and snake powder are a common dishes.
3. Seahorses on skewers. In China they deep fry these seahorses and put them on skewers for sale. They are considered as a delicacy because seahorses are rare to find.
2. Blood dishes. These bowls of raw blood are pretty common in Southeast Asia. The blood are usually from ducks or pigs and it can be eaten with different cooked entrails.
1. Guinea pig. During a pig festival in Peru, these guinea pigs are cooked. It is a traditional dish that goes way back to pre-Incas times      

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  1. Really nasty food dishes to see. I am thinking over some of them and i finally picked up the "Deep fried Mars bar" that is made from Mars bars are fried in oil. Man this thing needs to be tried once in a life time. Thanks for the post...