Saturday, January 1, 2011

101 resolution for the new year

101 New Year Resolutions for you....

1.Send flowers to near & dear ones

2.Never look back

3.Don't brood, keep the head high news channels over soaps and read books

6.Chill! Cool your heels

7.Give a damn to foes

8.snore less (if you can help it)

9.Give back, when required

10.Spend time with the pet

11.Network more, make friends

12.Pray to the Almighty

13.Express admiration for others

14.Clean the bedroom, at least weekly

15.Write and continue writing diary

16.Celebrate without reasons

17.Admit your faults

18.Less use of credit card

19.Enjoy nature, rains

20.Listen to music regularly

21.Bake a cake, once in a while

22.Visit aged relatives

23.No lending money

24.Be yourself

25.Cultivate a hobby

26.Read and share jokes

27.Take trips

28.Gift yourself

29.Help mom/wife in household choir

30.Listen to Dad's advice in investment

31.Connect to old friends

32.Beg pardon.. after burping

33.Flush, after hitting the loo

34.Save, save and save with a target

35.Clean up your own mess

36.Brush teeth twice

37.Bathe daily

38.Stop doubting the maid

39.Eat healthy, say no to junk food

40.Cook a meal, as frequently as possible

41.Drink more.....WATER

42.Go for an eye checkup

43.Don't bring work to home

44.Listen to parents

45.Say no to jealousy

46.Discuss ideas and concepts, not people


48.No borrowing clothes

49.Express your love

50.Show when you care

51.Have a positive bent of mind

52.Don't pretend

53.Think beyond the given conditions and the present

54.Feel good

55.Smile more often

56.Compliment liberally and truthfully

57.Dutch... with friends

58.Take morning walks, long walks

59.Use the fork and spoon, while eating

60.Ignore hygiene mania

61.Respond to all emails

62.Write snail mail

63.Chat with common sense and honesty

64.Count calorie intake

65.Do something about being overweight

66.Start the day with newspapers

67.Respect secrets & keep them

68.Trust fellow human beings

69.Listen to your heart

70.Believe in miracles

71.Want less, accept more

72.Share your dreams

73.Thank your stars..more often

74.No self praise

75.Thank God more often

76.Treat dandruffs, get to a dermatologist

77.Change socks daily

78.Fold clothes before putting them in the cupboard

79.Give space, mental and physical, to others

80.Participate in home choirs

81.Donate to charity organizations

82.Give advice only when it is asked for, and when it is a life and death question

83.Surf less, meet people more

84.Use the dressing mirror less

85.Accept your flaws

86.Spend at least one Sunday every month purely at home

87.Wear an attitude, not pride

88.More truth..less lies

89.Sleep with mouth closed

90.Work hard

91.Talk more..sms less

92.Don't curse the neighbor

93.Find a new heartthrob

94.Forget the ex flames

95.Dare to dream

96.Gift yourself at times

97.Eat with mouth closed

98.Always carry a clean hanky

99.Don't litter

100.often visit my website - share good stuffs

101.Not to break any of the 100 resolutions taken above...

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  1. what a long lists of new years resolution,,,,can he follow at least 5 resolutions in these?