Friday, January 14, 2011

Inspirational Photo Manipulation by Erik Johansson

Meet Erik Johansson,a young yet very talented artist from Sweden. He creates his wonderful images by digitally modifying photographs that he took himself. When you look at his photos you can see not only the mastery of photography but also great photoshopping skills. He has very brave ideas, skills to implement them and good sense of humor. We wanna thank Eric for giving us the permission to use his photos.

“Go Your Own road”

“Working at Sea”

“Face vs. Fist”

“Road-worker’s Coffee break”

“Coffee Spill”

“Wet dreams on open water”

“The Downside of Shredding Continued”


“Common Breakfast”

“Lazy dogs have also come out”

“Strange Forest”


“Unexpected Entry”

“Arms break, vases don’t”

“Oranges are best whole”

"Ball reflection"

“Heaven Express”

‘Homo sapiens”

“Shaving is for Boys”


“Hanging See on the wall”

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