Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Tips to walk in high heels

Watch Your Steps In High Heels...
The fetish for shoes is shared by many women and when it comes to high heels, they are most prized possession. The epitome of heels stilettos, make you look tall, your legs elegant and your dress magnificent. But the beauty of heels depends completely on the way one carries it. If you fumble with them, fall off several times and are uncomfortable, you are sure to make yourself look funny. Thus, before putting them on, it's important to learn how to walk in high heels.

Tips to walk in high heels -

1.Put them on and before walking first learn to balance yourself on it. Stand wearing it for sometime and move your leg on each side. This will help get your feet and leg accustomed to the position and master the balancing act.

2.One of the best tip to walk in high heels is to learn the posture. Try walking around with your imaginary heels. This will help your legs to get comfortable in the position and won't make them ache.

3.Now, you can try walking. Keep your legs straight and point your feet. While putting down the feet, first put down your heels and then the toe. This helps you in keeping distributing your weight. Keep your legs closer, this adds on to the support to the legs. It will be difficult to keep balance if you take wide steps.

4.Another important tip to walk in high heels is to make sure that you don't put excess weight on the heels. Excess weight on the heels can make you fall off guard.

5.The etiquette of walking in heels is that your shoes don't click on the floor. This can be done by placing your foot first and then the heels and also by walking with grace. Make sure your heels have heel cap to make it stable and less noisy.

Use these tips to walk in high heels to make yourself look at your gorgeous best. Precaution of using heels is to make sure you don't wear them on for a long time. Heels strain your leg muscles and using it for a long time may lead to consistent leg pain.

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