Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spider With a Human Face

A rare spider that appears to have the markings of a human face on its back has been discovered at an English nature reserve. The hairy arachnid is a lichen crab spider and is so scarce that only 41 of them have been spotted in Britain since 1890. The spidergets its name because it is usually found on lichen-covered tree trunks and its body is camouflaged to resemble its surroundings. Its Latin name is Philodromus margaritatus. Mark Singleton, who works at the RSPB nature reserve at Arne, near Wareham, Dorset, said: "This is the first one that has been found in Dorset in 35 years. It is something of a rarity. If this were a bird, the queues would be stretching round the car park. But it's not - it's a spider with a slightly amusing abdomen."

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