Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Ancient Architecture from Around The World

Ancient Khmer Site, Java
One of the largest Hindu buildings in Southeast Asia, Prambanan was built around 850 AD near Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia.

Lamayuru Gompa, Ladakh
The monastery of Lamayuru Gompa in Ladakh, India is thought to have been built before the 10th Century.

Ancient Pingyao , China
It is not just the 14th Century tower, but the entire Chinese town of Píngyáo is so well preserved it contains a movie-set charm.

Temple of Bacchus, Lebanon
Stand in awe beside the massive pillars that still prop up Baalbek's Temple of Bacchus in Lebanon, built around 150 AD.

St. George church, Sofia, Bulgaria
St George rotunda church, surrounded in a modern-day hotel, is the oldest building in Sofia, Bulgaria, dating to the 4th Century.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
The tropical jungle almost engulfs some of the famous temples around Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Petra , Jordan
Petra, the Jordanian cliff city built into a rose-coloured sheer rock face, is a dramatic sight to behold.

Yumbu Lhakhang , Tibet
Yumbu Lhakhang palace is the oldest-known dwelling in Tibet, dating back to the reign of King Songtsen Gampo (608-650 AD).

Manakha, Yemen
This ancient village of Manakha is located on top of a mountain near the world's oldest city, Sana'a, Yemen.

Ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand
Ayutthaya was the Siamese royal capital from 1350, reigned over by 33 dynasties.

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