Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Chinese Magic Pen...

Dubai police raid shops after Chinese 'magic pen' probe

DUBAI - Dubai police have confiscated illegal Chinese pens dubbed 'magic pens' from shops in the city.

The ink in the pens vanishes after a few hours of writing and it could be used for forging cheques and documents, local daily Gulf News reported on Monday.

"Upon receiving the information, Dubai police rushed to raid these shops and confiscated all these pens. It seems that these pens entered into the country via illegal methods and are sold at low prices," the paper quoted Brig. Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, head of criminal investigation department at Dubai Police as saying.

The Chinese pen looks like a normal pen but with a different ink which is visible for only up to one to four hours after writing, the paper reported.

Al Mansouri said the possible use of the pen for fraudulently signing cheques or formal contracts triggered panic among the banks because documents signed with those pens will be void once the ink disappears, the paper reported.

As a precautionary method, the newspaper added, the police have sent a circular to all the UAE-based banks asking them to avoid such pens when signing official documents.

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