Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gunbus 410 - The biggest motorcycle in the world

Its engine is of 6.72 liters and of 350 HP! Bike’s tires in size and shape can be comparable to those of planes. By the way, the price strikes too - 250 thousand Euros!

Gunbus 410, the biggest motorcycle in the world, has been showcased by its manufacturer Leonhardt Manufacturing at the Essen Motor Show on 27th Nov 2009. The bike is 5 feet high, 11 feet long and 5 feet wide. It weighs 1400 pounds and comes with whooping power of 350 bhp.

410 cubic inches, two-cylinder V-type engine in a standing position makes you feel the huge elemental force resting in this fascinating aggregate.

The GUNBUS 410 is named after its engine, don’t be confused with the unit of measurement GUNBUS use, its definatley not cc (cubic centremetres), would you believe that the rider sits just inches above a 410 cubic inch V-twin engine. 410 cubic inches is 6.2 Litres in the modern metric world, so each cylinder has a capacity of 3.1 Litres.This monster production bike is unique to say the least however it sports retro racing design, with high wall tyres, naked frame and straight handlebars.

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