Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Half Body Man - Kenny Easterday

Kenny Easterday is a 35-year-old American man born with a rare disease (sacral agenesis) that prevents his spine from growing correctly. Doctors amputated his legs when he was a baby to use his shinbone for completing his underdeveloped spine.Kenny never liked wheelchairs and refused to wear prosthetic legs, so he learned with his dad to walk on his hands and to move with a skateboard.As many other men, he enjoys sports (especially bowling and pool), has a job and has found his sweetheart, Nicky, with whom he raises her two kids.Nicky got pregnant when she started to date Kenny 7 years ago, so they made a test to know for sure if he's the real father. They're waiting for the results Kenny's unbelievable story is filmed for the new documentary The Man with Half a Body that appeared yesterday on TLC.

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