Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Museum of BMW In Munich

Munich is the home of BMW. Here is the headquarters of the company and a museum nearby that shows all the history of the brand.

The museum consists of two buildings. In the first there are exhibited modern models and visiting there is free.

In many cars you may sit, touch a wheel, change gears, listen to music...

You may sit on the sofa, look through a magazine...

BMW Z4. Maximum speed - 251km/h. Acceleration up to 100km/h for 4.8 seconds.

Inside the building some strange robots are moving, politely going round people.

The second and the main building of the museum. The main part of the exposition is located here. To enter students have to pay 6 euro, adults - 12 euros.

Probably this museum will be interesting not only for those who knows something about BMW and likes cars...

The first bike BMW. 1924-1926

These bikes are kept on some tiers and in chronological order.

Engines. The history of the company began from aero-engines. Then went bikes and later - cars.

BMW 328, racing car, 1936 - 1940. In the background - bolide of Formula 1, BMW Sauber F1 Team.

Plasticine model of the actual size in the hall devoted to design.

The hall telling about the history of the company. Over each book there hang speakers to provide comments for each page being watched by a person.

The huge table with touch surface. Along the table there is a line with dates, and along the edges - references to various models, events, interesting facts. Each reference will open something interesting.

The hall presenting luxury models of various years.


Racing cars.....

The best hall has only two cars... BMW Isetta 300 1956, in the front and BMW 1500, 1962 in the background.

One door, in the front. An engine of a bike.

That's BMW....

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