Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 10 iPad 2 accessories

Apple Smart Cover
When Apple announced the iPad 2, it was the revolutionary magnetic Smart Cover that attracted the most attention. All one has to do is flip it on the iPad screen, it automatically aligns itself. It can be folded into a stand for watching videos or for typing. It's made of a special fabric, which cleans the iPad display while covering it. It has redefined the cool quotient for iPad cases.
Price: Rs. 2100 (Poly-urethane), Rs. 3800 (leather)

Logitech Keyboard case for iPad 2
For those who find the standard Apple Bluetooth keyboard too boring, the Logitech Keyboard supports the iPad 2 in both portrait and landscape modes and doubles as a slick case, protecting the iPad. It also pairs effortlessly through Bluetooth while charging over USB.
Price: $99.00

CoulVue Backseat mount
Many users buy the iPad as a portable video player. The perfect place for it? Your car! The CoulVue Backseat mount enables the iPad to be mounted on any standard car seat headrest. At the same time it leaves wiggle room for the device to be rotated or pivoted in different directions.
Price: $79.99

Apogee Jam
The Apogee Jam is a recording tool meant for the musician on the go. It provides a studio quality instrument interface for the iPad through which one can connect a guitar. It has been designed especially for GarageBand (Though it works with other DAW software's like Amplitube too), which means you'd be hard-pressed to find a better audio interface for the iPad.
Price: $99.00

Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver
Even though the iPad has an inbuilt iPod it is not the most portable Mp3 player. With the Belkin Bluetooth music receiver, you can stream music directly to your speakers. The music receiver connects to a speaker through a standard 3.5 mm jack and seamlessly streams the audio through Bluetooth. It can also remember up-to six different profiles at the same time.
Price: $49.99

Lightboard for iPad
Art-inlined users were quick to see the iPad's potential for drawing. Aside from the professional utilities, kids can use it for drawing too. The Griffin Lightboard case provides a nice base for the iPad on which kids can scribble while providing a protective covering for the screen and a stylus. This particular case has been designed to work with the Lightboard tracing app for children.
Price: $40.00

Apple camera connection kit
When the iPad was originally launched the omission of a dedicated USB port was seen as its ‘Achilles heel'. The camera connection kit does not free you from Apple's nightmarish iTunes sync, but it does allow you to transfer images in a jiffy, either directly through USB or the memory card. Given that no other Android powered tablet has been unable to nail a seamless USB experience, the inclusion of the Apple camera kit for iPad users has to count for something.
Price: $39.99

AirPrint enabled printers
With iOS 4.2 Apple brought in support for AirPrint, which supported wireless printing through a legion of HP, Epson and Cannon printers. The HP Photosmart series and the Epson Stylus series of printers come to the fore as they support AirPrint and don't cost a bomb. AirPrint does require syncing or emailing documents. Just click on the Air print icon, which pops up, and voila!
Price: Starts at $100

Digital AV adaptor
The Digital AV adaptor allows iPad users to view all their content on their HDTV while at the same time mirroring the content on the iPad. The digital AV adaptor also allows for simultaneous charging. Another advantage - while playing games like Real Racing HD 2, the iPad can be used as the secondary screen as you play on TV.
Price: Rs. 1100

BoseQuiet Comfort 3
One of our pet peeves with iPad has always been the omission of headphones. Bose Quiet Comfort 3 are simply one the best sounding headphones we have come across and provide a balanced sound suited for all genres of music. They are also one of the most comfortable headphones around with the only glitch being its price.
Price: Rs. 22,388

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