Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 10 Animal Species that Named After Celebrities

Do you know that there are some animals that got their names after celebrity's name? Yes this is true so let's have a look over the top ten animals who have named after celebrities name.

1. Pheidole Harrisonfordi

This specie name has been taken from great actor named as Harrison Ford. This is actually ant specie that is lucky enough to get name after such a famous actor.

2. Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit

Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit is an endangered sub-species of Marsh Rabbit and after it was identified for the first time scientist named them after the name of Hugh Hefner. Very iconic though

3. Myrmekiaphila Neilyoungi

The name of specie Myrmekiaphila Neilyoungi has been taken from Canadian rock musician namely Neil Young. This is spider specie and was explored by California research center in 2007.

4. Masiakasaurus

This ancient specie name is predatory dinosaur from Madagascar and has taken its name from top musician Mark Knopfler. This specie was founded by expedition crew who has named it so.

5. Cirolana Mercuryi

This specie name is Cirolana Mercuryi and its beautiful name is taken from Freddie Mercury. This Isopod specie was found in coral reef of Bawe Isnald, Zanzibar, Tanzania, and East Africa.

6. Bill Gates Flower Fly

Every PC user must know the king of Microsoft Company; Bill Gates. Indeed I must say that this flower fly Eristalis Gatesi is lucky to get named after such a known celebrity. This fly was founded in Costa Rican top mountain cloud forests.

7. Albunea Groeningi

This Mole Crab Genus name is Albunea groeningi that is taken from creator of cartoon character Simpson the notable personality Matt Groening. This genus was found by team of biologist.

8. Agathidium Vaderi

This Beetles-Agathidium Vaderi name was taken from Darth Vader.

9. Bishopina Mozart

This Ostracod specie was named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when it was founded by researchers.

10. Aegrotocatellus Jaggeri

In 1995 this specie Aegrotocatellus Jaggeri was named after rolling stone vocalist Mick Jagger.

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