Monday, July 11, 2011

5 Nutritional Values Of Potato Skin

Potato skins are usually peeled but do you know how nutritious they are?. There is a misconception that potato skins contain dirt and need to be peeled from the vegetable but the peels contain various vital nutrients that are essential and can be a part of the balanced diet. Today we will talk about the nutritional values of the potato skins. Cooking potatoes with the skin is very nutritious to health than eating scrapped potatoes. Then if that is the case, we don't need to waste our time and energy peeling them.

5 Nutritional Values Of Potato Skin -

1. Potato skin contains a lot of fiber that supports easy digest when consumed with other food. If potatoes are fatty foods then have them with the skin as the fibre will digest the vegetable.

2. The flesh of the potato contains very less fat and calories (If a large potato contains 2000 calories then the will would contain merely 275 calories).

3. The potato and skin are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese, and dietary fiber.

4. Potato and the skin contain upto 20% iron and 8 grams of protein which is comparatively higher than other fiber rich vegetables.

5. It contains phytonutrients that are natural sources of antioxidants and repair cell damage. The variety of phytonutrients include carotenoids, flavonoids, and caffeic acid.

But not all potato dishes are healthy to eat. The unhealthy french fries, wedges, dipped in various other fatty products contribute to heart disease so using the tuber vegetable in salads and eating them with other fresh vegetables can be the right way.

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