Monday, July 4, 2011

Bubbleman breaks another world record

Let's hope he doesn't blow it: Samsam Bubbleman breaks another world record for the most bubbles in a bubble

No matter how hard you huffed and puffed you probably wouldn't be able to blow this many bubbles. But Samsam Bubbleman is a professional bubble-maker and quite used to blowing bubbles and breaking records.

The self-dubbed Bubbleologist, whose real name is Sam Heath, has broken his seventh Guinness World Record - this time for the most amount of bubbles in a bubble.

Secret: Samsam Bubbleman refuses to reveal what goes into the secret bubble formula

The latest achievement means he has broken one of his own records yet again but this time he managed to fit 56 bubbles into a bubble.

In 2006 he first broke the record by getting 49 bubbles into a bubble.He has also holds the record for the most people in a bubble and managed to cram 19 into a bubble in 2006.

More than a year later he smashed the same record but this time squeezed a staggering 50 people into a bubble while at London's Science Museum.

The father-of-two has also broken records for the longest chain of bubbles, the number of bounces a bubble can do and the largest frozen bubble.

Willy Wonka of Bubbles: Samsam creates a whopper of a bubble while out on London's Primrose Hill

'It's all about having the right bubble solution. If you have the right mixture then your tools don't matter.

Record holder: Samsam is the holder of seven Guinness World Records

Bubble epiphany: Samsam said he first realised his love of bubbles while watching one gently blowing in the breeze in 1989

Pop: Samsam Bubbleman is the world record holder for the most bubbles in a bubble - 56

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