Thursday, August 11, 2011

Robots made from tiny spare parts by Nagano

These works have been made by a young man from Nagano. He works at an office and in his spare time he makes such cute robots. The author uses details of watches, bicycles, etc. To make a robot 25 cm high it takes about 2 weeks, such a tiny one takes one day only.  Such 25 cm  robots cost is about 60000 yens but the little one cost is about 8000 yens.

All the works may be bought, red little spots mean the robots are sold already.

This is the biggest and the most expensive robot at the exhibition, it costs 250000 yens and has not been sold yet.

This Animal robot is not for sale because it's not finished yet. The skeleton is real, the author found a dead fox, brought it home and boiled in a huge pot. Here's the result of his work.

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