Wednesday, September 28, 2011

29 Unusual Cigarette Lighter Designs

Modern cigarette lighters come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a collection of some of some of unusual and creative lighter designs...

Cell Phone Lighter
SB6309 is the world’s first mobile phone with integrated lighter. 

Doublemint Gum Lighter
Cool lighter that looks like a packet of Doublemint chewing gum.

Match Lighter
Creative giant sized match that is actually a lighter, not a match.

Giant Lighter
Big Daddy lighter is nearly 7′ tall and holds 6 ounces of lighter fuel.

Battery Lighter
“Durasell” lighter is designed to look like a C-type battery

Gold Bar Lighter

Cigarette Shaped Lighter
Unusual cigarette-shaped lighter blends in with its surroundings.

Fire Extinguisher Lighter
Clever cigarette lighter design that looks like a fire extinguisher.

Bullet Lighter
This unique machine gun bullet flips open to reveal a cigarette lighter.

Matchbox Lighter
Creative lighter design that contains regular wooden matches.

USB Flash Drive Lighter
Refillable lighter with built-in 8GB USB flash drive from ThinkGeek.

Chocolate Lighter
Creative chocolate lighters come in white or dark chocolate bites.

Wafer Biscuit Lighter

Cream Biscuit Lighter
I’m not sure if having a lighter that makes you hungry is the best idea in the world but this one definitely makes me smile. I also like the fact that it looks like a normal novelty key chain so you can really surprise people when you suddenly use it as a lighter.

Rubber Ducky Lighter
Well this ducky is only fun in the tub if you like to smoke in the bathtub. What disturbs me about this lighter is that it is too cute to be a lighter and I could just see some kid wanting to play with it and getting a nasty surprise.

Miniature Lamp Lighter
I’m not quite sure what the draw was or the reasoning behind this lamp novelty lighter. I admit it is a little unique and quite funny to look at. But I cannot imagine anyone seriously putting this to any sort of realistic use.

Middle Finger Lighter
I think that only certain types of people would actually use a lighter like this. Though the look of this lighter isn’t all that makes it truly unique. It talks! Don’t ask me what it says because I have no idea, the description only says that it talks when used. But wait! That’s not all, instead of a traditional orange flame this lighter creates a red flame! So it’s unique in more ways than one.

Camera Lighter
This camera does not actually take pictures but it does light up and for a novelty lighter, it has a surprising amount of detail. This one though, would be great for photographers because it shows just how dedicated they can be to their craft, they can’t even light a cigarette without a camera in their hand.

Toilet Lighter
I will say that this is one lighter that will turn heads and might even cause a few people to have a potty mouth.

Telephone Lighter
If you like to be just a little old-fashioned this might be the lighter for you. Styled after the old rotary phones this lighter is very unique and you might have a hard time figuring out how to make this lighter look cool.

Hammer cigar lighter
This creative cigarette lighter has cute hammer shape and strong flame.

pencil cigar lighter
A lighter which look exactly like a pencil. They are available in different colors too.

Sandals cigar lighter

Skeleton cigar lighter

Cup cigar lighter

Gun shaped cigar lighter

Grenade cigar lighter

Pig shaped cigar lighter

Bike cigar lighter

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