Saturday, October 22, 2011

12 Creative and Innovative Chopsticks

Here are the 12 most innovative and unusual modern chopsticks designed to make your eating experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Clothespin Chopsticks
Chopsticks for beginners come with a metal spring for easier use.

Narrowed Chopsticks
These chopsticks have been slightly narrowed towards their upper ends to make them easier and more comfortable to grip.

Party People Chopsticks
Confidence building, one-piece chopsticks make anyone an expert.

Mater Angle Chopsticks
Stylish ergonomically shaped stainless steel chopsticks by Mater.

Star Wars Chopsticks
Lightsaber chopsticks perfect for eating or defending the galaxy.

Pencil Chopsticks
Of course, you can always use regular pencils as your chopsticks.

Magnetic Chopsticks
Disposable chopsticks are a waste of resources. The magnet helps to recreate the feeling of pulling apart wooden chopsticks.

Collapsible Chopsticks
Pop off the top section and slide the lower section out. The wooden tip screws into the upper section and now you are ready to eat.

Chimp Sticks
Cute chopsticks for kids feature little simian hands on the tips.

Carbon Fiber Chopsticks
High-end carbon fiber chopstick set with matching carbon fiber rest will set you back $150.

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks
By using chopsticks to drop soy sauce on sushi or rise you negate the need for side bowls full of sauce.

Froggetmee Chopsticks
Two-in-one utensil combines regular chopsticks with a soup spoon.

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