Saturday, October 22, 2011

22 Unusual Salt and Pepper Shakers

Some of the most Creative salt and pepper shaker designs that will spice up your dining table.

Broken Heart Salt and Pepper Shakers
Designed by Susanna Vesalainen, this ceramic salt and pepper shaker is comprised of two ceramic halves held together by a magnet that sits in the middle of each half and attracts both sides to each other creating a perfect fit.

Balance Salt and Pepper Shakers
These three stone shaped containers are stacked to create a zen-like balancing effect. The top is for salt, the middle one is for pepper, and the bottom can hold a dipping sauce.

Ants Salt and Pepper Shakers
You are bound to attract ants when eating outdoors, so you might as well bring your own.

Taste of Talking Salt and Pepper Shakers
These unusual salt & pepper shakers resemble traditional ear and mouth pieces from the rotary dial telephones. Actually, they don’t merely resemble them: they really are (unused) pieces taken from real phones.

Keyboard Key Salt and Pepper Shakers
These unique salt and pepper shakers are sure to cheer up anyone who’s maybe a mite “key-pressed.” Flexible silicone seals make it easy to refill them.

LEGO Salt and Pepper Shakers
Stackable salt and pepper shakers come in black and white.

Spiced Lady Ring
This unusual ring is actually a a salt/seasoning shaker.

Cigarette Salt and Pepper Shakers
They can stop you from smoking in restaurants, but they can’t stop you from ashing into your food.

Switch Me Salt and Pepper Shaker
Creative salt and pepper shaker concept that allows one to switch between salt and pepper at the press of a button.

LEGO Heads Salt and Pepper Shakers
This adorable set features two shakers, both designed to resemble LEGO minifigure heads. Just fill them with salt and pepper and shake away!

Spice Gun - Concept
Although only a concept, the “Spice Gun” by Zhu Fei would certainly liven up dinner parties as guest blast each other with salt and pepper.

Biegsie Salt and Pepper Shakers
Bend it, shake it - and look what happens. A bold hex-bolt head screw changes into a salt shaker while its countersunk - flat-headed relative becomes a pepper shaker.

Salt & Pepper Cell
Shaped like a D size battery, the power indicators on the sides correlate to the amount of spices left in the shakers before refill time.

Mini Space Rocker Salt and Pepper Shakers

S and P Salt and Pepper Shakers

Ninja Salt and Pepper Shakers

Bomb Salt and Pepper Shakers

Chemistry Element Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hour Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers
The Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers designed by Alberto Mantilla are two sentimental Salt & Pepper shakers locked in embrace to connote love and affection.

Bride and Groom salt & pepper shakers

Two peas salt and pepper shakers
This tiny set of ceramic salt and pepper shakers will charm your guests. Each shaker is dainty and detailed and reusable time and again.

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