Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Five Toe Sports Shoes

Five fingers shoes, also known as "rubber toe socks", rubber toe socks by an Italian manufacturer introduced are made with neoprene socks. Toe shoes, shoes designed to overturn the traditional concept of similar shoes instead of the traditional competitive market, fingers through creative design, set off a return to the original barefoot, relaxing foot recreational sports fashion.

Let us look at some of the functions of the five fingers shoes :

1. Physical therapy: The shape of the five toes soles separated by a molding, upper made of breathable fabric sewn into five separate toes, the wearer between the toes separated from each other, feeling soft. Comfortable and dry, inhibiting the bacterial infection, thus prevent the growth of athlete's foot.

2. Health: Toe is the farthest place away from the heart of people, after five separate toes when walking between the toes and the toe massage effect will be automatically generated, thus promoting blood circulation to the toes, virtually bring health to the wearer.

3. Natural comfort: According to the foot-shaped sole design, different from the majority of the popular will toe shoes are not separated in such shoes, the toe of the mobile space is not great, by the shoes of the space constraints, the role of external forces, most of the Most of the force will be concentrated in the Bigfoot thumb. Squeezed between the toes without the wearer feel comfortable stretch each toe, toe bone deformation, no tingling feet, the real return to nature and feeling.

4. Fashion personality: The new design is the toe shoes, shoes, a revolution of traditional, especially to the young people the needs of individual fashion, creating new material conditions.

5. The recreational sports: Toe separate sports design, will not cause your feet bound, especially suitable for leisure activities of people like to travel. Man run Climbers. Yoga and other indoor and outdoor can wear it.

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