Monday, November 21, 2011

15 Best Topiary Models of the World

Topiary is a wonderful and historical art that is use on plants. Gardeners clip the foliage and make a terrific shape to the trees, plants and shrubs. You can see the topiary art in the famous parks and gardens of the world in shape of animals, cartoons and informative messages.

Here are the best and beautiful samples of this fabulous art which are located at the delightful parks of the world. You should see this pretty collection and appreciate them for their great work.

Peace Topiary

Butterfly Topiary

Music Band Topiary

Bird Topiary

Christmas Pudding Topiary

Heart Topiary

Clipsham Yew Topiary

Elephant Topiary

Horse & Jockey Topiary

Hollow Cone Topiary

Lion Topiary

Fish Topairy

Giraffe Topiary

Yew Tree Avenue

Cartoon Topiary

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