Wednesday, November 23, 2011

40 Nature Inspired Furniture Designs

We use different kind of Furniture everyday in our life. But we don't even care about it. In case of nature, the world cares about it. How will it be nature and furniture come together. Here some Prettiest Furniture Designs Which are Inspired By Nature...

Bird Nest Chair

Heart Chair

Bamboo Bench

Butterfly Bed

Cobra Chair

Flower Sofa

Leaf Beach Bench

Flower Table

Root Table

Cactus Chair

Tree Chair

Branch and Twigs Table

Leaf Table

Leaf Cebnit

Tiger Sofa

Snake Stool

Tree Bed

Butterfly Coffey Table

Tree Stem bookshelf

Stem Stool

Sea Pebbles Pillow

Foldable Flower Lamp

Tree Branch Bookcase

Pangolin Backpack

Flower Inspire Hanging Lamp

Aloe Inspired Lamp

Flower Petals Inspired Bicycle Stand

Tree Inspired Table Lamp

Floating Leaf Table

Octopus Chair

Grass Inspired Dinning Table

Nature Inspired Mirror

Leaf Inspire Spoon - FLORA

Log Bowls

Woods Inspired Note Block

NATURE V2.01 Chair

Flower Inspired Magnetic Paper Clip Holder - DESK DAISY

Leaf Inspired Doorstop - Fred Loose Leaf

Fresh Nature-Inspired Lounge Chair

Ivy – Bicycle Cable Lock

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