Saturday, November 12, 2011

47 Stunning Examples of Photos with Interesting Backdrops

In Photography, subjects are sometimes accidentally or intentional captured against backgrounds that dramatically enhance the image. Here are some great examples to illustrate that...

By Angela Vicedomini

By Nobuyuki Taguchi

By Carmen Amato

By Ricky Siegers

By Vlad Birdu

By Colmar Wocke

By Moses Stell

By Jacques Philippe

By Akkara N.

By Jacques Philippe

By Alfred Mancini

By Robert photography

By Jacob Jovelou

By Fulvia Menghi

By Jacob Jovelou

By Andrei Graph

By Tany Kely

By Laurence Garaon

By Lev Tsimring

By Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate

By Gyargy Schmidt

By Manganite

By oochappan

By Nicolino Sapio

By Steve Hill

By Lukasz

By Frank Michael Helferich

By Raphael Guarino

By Jody Miller

By Umberto verdoliva

By Takashi

By Giancarlo Crocicchia

By Fabio Giannelli

By Umberto Verdoliva

By Andre du Plessis

By Eli

By Koen Pieters

By Alex Nik

By Maurizio Vicedomini

By Craig Martin

By Hippolyte

By Mauro Moschitti

By Adrian Donoghue

By Gerard Sexton

By Jacob Jovelou

By Umberto Verdoliva

By Jacob Jovelou

By Margherita Vitagliano

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