Monday, November 21, 2011

Bizarre Wedding - Wedding on a Roller Coaster...

Looking for fresh ideas for your wedding? Wedding on a roller coaster! Really strange, and funny, and you can immediately show whether you are ready for ups and downs of married life.

1. Before you get married on a roller coaster 33-year-old Sarah Petty of Seattle had to wear a wedding garter. Grandmother Betty Fletcher helping her.

2. Robert Scherzer and Sarah Petty kissing before the wedding on a roller coaster at the fair Payyallap Feyrgraunds.

3. Bride before the wedding in an unusual roller coaster September 15, 2011.

4. All preparations are made, it's time to go for a honeymoon on a roller coaster.

5. Encouraged by a hug before the wedding ceremony.

6. Groom, Robert Scherzer wears a ring on a finger of his bride Sarah Petty before the wedding ceremony on a roller coaster. This event certainly did not remain without attention of the local press.

7. It seems that with putting on the ring have been some difficulties. Everything is written on the face of the bride.

8. Finally, the exchange of rings in the eyes of the enthusiastic audience was held, followed by the words "Now you may kiss the bride."

9. Just saying "I agree" leading broadcast Kent Phillips and part-time registrar of the marriage of Robert Scherzer, Sarah Petty, throwing fearful glance at the first steep descent on a roller coaster.

10. Kiss Suite downhill on a roller coaster.

11. Scherzer newlyweds and their guests on a roller coaster. Unforgettable Wedding!

12. Acquainted six months ago in New York while working on a Broadway musical, Robert Scherzer and Sarah Petty sealed their union by marriage to a roller coaster at 7:30 pm local time, when an amusement park not yet open for visitors. Their union has registered by a radio show host Kent Phillips. As part of an organized radio activities the couple were presented with rings, costume and dress, wedding cake and a warm welcome. Honeymoon couple hold on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

13. Newlyweds Scherzer cling to each other on a roller coaster. Such a relationship, nourish the joint support at a wedding, have all chances for a strong family and a happy life.

14. Guest - They deserved applause for their courage and originality.

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