Monday, December 26, 2011

10 Types of Women You Should Date...

Dating is a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by two persons with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. While the term has several senses, it usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple. But here is a idea about girls whom the men would me comfortable Dating them...

1. The one of the guys girl.
This girl is always fun to date because she can hang with your boys. She makes them laugh, keeps up with the game and take the heat when quizzed about her favorite team. She also doesn’t get squeamish around “guy talk” and gasp she will share a cheeseburger with you. Added bonus, she probably even owns her favorite teams jersey.

2. The loves sex even more than you do girl.
This girl loves everything about sex and isn’t ashamed of it. She doesn’t get headaches or use sex as a weapon! She does things you’ve only read about and they are usually her idea. She’s not just a play thing though, this girl is not your booty call, she just enjoys sex after EVERY date.

3. The independent girl.
This girl makes her own money, pays her bills on time and has a healthy social life. She loves having you in her life, but she doesn’t NEED you. She most likely enjoys the finer things in life, but that’s because she works hard for it. She has no problem going “dutch” or even paying the whole bill from time to time. She may have a hard time letting love in, but its only because she knows what she wants!

4. The not jealous girl.
This girl understands that you have girls that are friends or that you like to have fun, because she does too. She isn’t threatened by that hot girl you pretended not to check out and is not going to stalk you at the bar on a night out with the boys. This girl is secure and fun, and her self assurance keeps you interested.

5. The laid back girl.
This girl is down to do anything… Go to the movies, a museum, dancing or just stay home. She has a relaxed outlook on life and doesn’t let the small things bother her. She’s easy to be around because of her positive and casual demeanor.

6. The life of the party girl.
This girl can entertain a room full of friends or strangers without being embarrassing, overbearing or inappropriate. This girl knows how to engage in a great and captivating conversation with anyone, how to get Nana to do a shot of tequila or how to make a room roar with laughter. You can bring her anywhere and don’t have to baby sit her all night. This is usually the same girl that your friends and family make sure is available before setting a date for an event.

7. The athletic girl.
This girl loves sports… Playing them, watching them. Talking about them. She’s a good combination of a lot of the above mentioned kind of girls. She loves to workout and enjoys the simple things in life like a sunset volleyball game. Even if you aren’t the most athletic guy, she likes to play with everybody and will teach you her favorite sport like surfing and is definitely a key player on her dodgeball team.

8. The artsy girl
She probably went to art or design school, maybe even fashion or interior design. Her apartment boast paintings she painted in her front yard. She dresses fun and has a funky music collection. The artsy girl most likely wants to be a professional artist, so let her paint for you or snap black and white photographs of you.

9. The always positive girl.
This girl can see a positive side in any situation. She has a great laugh that lights up a room and makes you want to be around her. She’s a good person and make you feel like a better person when you’re around her. This girl spreads smiles and you’ll always find yourself smiling not only when you ‘re around her, but when you’re thinking about her as well.

10. The spontaneous girl.
This girl is up for anything anytime. She’s not a prissy girl who can’t go anywhere without her hairdryer. She’s fun and super cool to be around. You can call this girl and tell her to be ready in 30 minutes for a weekend road trip to San Francisco and she’ll be ready in 15. She’s incredibly free spirited and usually very sexual.

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