Friday, December 2, 2011

30 Creative And Unusual Magnets For Your Fridge

Candy Box Magnets:

Leave Magnets: Designed by Richard Hutten, these plastic leaves have a small magnet at the base that allows them to attach to any metal surface.

LOL Magnets: These are cool and cute, use the magnets to build the caption right on your refrigerator.

GUI Magnets: These magnets have GUI objects on them; easy to use when prototyping on whiteboards, or just a cool gadget for your fridge.

Magnetic Shelves: Henry Julier's magneto shelves can be attached to any magnetic surface.

Bacon Magnets:

Wood Magnets: "Bring the great Canadian outdoors inside your house with those cool wood magnets by TaKtik designers from Montreal".

Homer Simpson Magnet: This cool Homer fridge magnet and bottle opener will look great on any fridge.

Switch Fridge Magnet: Click it "on" and "off" to hold your documents to the fridge.

Hands Magnet:

Water drop Magnet:

Guitar Magnets: This handmade guitar magnet comes in set of '4'.

Sushi Mini Magnets:

Endo Magnet Clips: Secures poetry, photos, memos and documents to the fridge.

Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar:

Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener:

Rock Magnets: Comes in set of four.

Throwing Star Magnets:

Photoshop Fridge Magnets:

iPhone Fridge Magnets: These handmade magnets measure about 1/2" square and 1/8" tall. This set of 20 iPhone magnets includes: camera, iPod, YouTube, texts, safari, maps, phone, mail, and many more!

Tree buttons Magnets: Tree buttons are handmade wood magnets.

iPod Style Fridge Magnet: iMagnet is fridge magnets with iPod playback buttons' design and style and comes in 4 different colors.

Digiframe Fridge Magnet: It's a mini photo frame combined with a fridge magnet.

Dart Board Fridge Magnet:

Pixel Art Fridge Magnets: Creation of design studio Art. Lebedev.

Puzzle Board Fridge Magnet:

8-bit Superhero Pixelated Fridge Magnet: With this you can build any superhero you want on the front of your fridge. Included in the set are some 1400 pixel magnets that measure half an inch in size.

LEGO Fridge Magnets:

Monsters Magnets: From Fishcakes

Dictionary magnets: From XO Handworks, custom-made with your choice of words.

Mustache Jumbo Magnet: Give your fridge some personality and a stylin' stache with this jumbo magnet.

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