Thursday, December 22, 2011

The dwarf horse - Koda

This is not just a dwarf horse. This is a dwarf among dwarf horses. Koda is so small that people often mistake him for a toy with batteries. Veterinarians are surprised that in his 13 months of this horse is still alive and well, despite a bunch of congenital health problems. He endured several operations on his feet. Soon to be carried out dental surgery - his teeth are too big for such a jaw. A mane of hair, which grows in the wrong direction, we decided to take just the charm of a baby. Doctors say that Koda is very courageous, he takes medication for the little man, understands. He has every chance to live a long and happy life. And while he walks with the seals, which live at the veterinary clinic - always a pleasure to walk with someone who is like you to grow.

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