Friday, December 16, 2011

Multitouch Mouse and Keyboard Made of Glass...

Latest invisible multitouch mouse and keyboard made out of glass.

Invisible devices are getting more popular, and if you liked Invisible Speaker, than you're going to love these two invisible devices as well. Today we have two multi-touch devices for you, a multi-touch keyboard and multi-touch mouse, and what makes these devices different from other similar devices is that they are made from quality tempered glass and a solid metal base, so they almost look invisible on your table.

Although these devices work like other touch-based devices, they both lack tactile feedback, but they run on open source software which means that anyone can customize the way these devices work. In addition, users will be able to share their custom-made software online in order to help other users.

Although these devices look impressive, they come with a price, and the mouse is priced at $150, while the keyboard costs $250. In addition, if you order both mouse and keyboard at once, you'll can get both devices for $350. As for the release date, no exact information is currently available.

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