Monday, January 9, 2012

Leather Art by Mark Evans - Made using knives Only...

It's not easy to stand out among hundreds and thousands of creative artists who are in a never ending process of creating something that's remarkable!

Leather artist Mark Evans creates portraits of famous faces, all hand-etched into leather hides. He creates artwork using knives as his 'paintbrushes', something which we haven't seen in the past. The making process requires lots of patience; days, weeks, even months go by until his work is completed. But once it's done, a masterpiece is revealed. These amazingly life-like hand-etched portraits that seem to cost up to £250,000 have now made him a favorite of celebrity A-listers, Premier League & International footballers and Royal Palaces. Here you can see some more of his amazing masterpieces which are hand-etched into leather hides

visit his site here, For More Masterpiece of Mark Evans...

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