Friday, January 20, 2012

World's Biggest Motorcycle - Weighs 5 tons...

A group of enthusiasts headed by Tilo Niebel of the East German village of Zillah has shown his motorbike monster assembled by hand. Monster weighing nearly five tons and a length of five and a half meters, is equipped with an engine from the Soviet tanks T55 power of 800 hp!Officials from the Guinness World Book of Records recorded the weight of the motorcycle-4740 kilogram. Tilo Niebel made this bike, using shell Soviet car and the engine from a Russian tank T55

To control the giant biker need to learn to use the two-meter drive. The vehicle engine installed by Soviet tanks T-55 with capacity of 800 horsepower. The frame, springs, suspension all the details collected from military scrap. The makers refused to say from where they got the engine of a Soviet tank, but they added that it was new, 1986 model year.

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