Monday, May 7, 2012

Smithsonian Magazine's 9th Annual Photo Contest

The editors of Smithsonian magazine have just announced the 50 finalists in their 9th annual photo contest. They've kindly allowed me to share several of the final contenders below, including some amazing images from each of the competition's five categories - Americana, The Natural World, People, Altered Images, and Travel. Here are some amazing photos from the 50 finalists of the 9th annual photo contest in each category. ( For more visit )

Altered Images

Girl on top of a teddy bear pyramid

By Paulo Bortolini (JundiaĆ­, San Paulo, Brazil)
Photographed September 2011, Campinas, Brazil

Color palettes

By Janwalai Kusuwan (Hillsborough, New Jersey)
Photographed October 2011, New York City, New York

Tubes inverted

By Pamela Maiato (Chelsea, Massachusetts)
Photographed July 2011, Taunton, Massachusetts

Where the soul meets the body

By Laura Diliberto (Wantagh, New York)
Photographed November 2011, New York City, New York

Flight path of the white collared kingfisher

By C.S. Ling (Singapore)
Photographed July 2011, Sabah, Borneo


Dog watching tourists on the street

By Peter Jacobson (Dresher, Pennsylvania)
Photographed August 2009, Ketchikan, Alaska

Wanting to see her big brother during his baseball game

By Stephanie Fox (Mobile, Alabama)
Photographed March 2011, Mobile, Alabama

Brooklyn Bridge

By Wayne Bennett (Bronx, New York)
Photographed February 2011, New York City, New York

Ranch dog taking a break from work

By Jamie Illian (Dallas, Texas)
Photographed April 2011, Ellsworth, Nebraska

The Natural World

Moonrise over Northern Lights

By Ben Hattenbach (Los Angeles, California)
Photographed March 2011, northern Alaska

An anhinga emerges to swallow his dinner

By Savannah Whitwam (Jacksonville, FL)
Photographed June 2011, Jacksonville, FL

Blue Ice Cave

By Jamie Scarrow (Bruce, Canberra, Australia)
Photographed December 2011, Antarctica

Shrimp within vase sponge

By William Goodwin (Birmingham, Alabama)
Photographed September 2011, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

A praying mantis as the sun rises over the Everglades

By Paul Marcellini (Miami, Florida)
Photographed November 2010, Everglades National Park, Florida

Neighborly dispute

By Donald Montemorra (Swampscott, Massachusetts)
Photographed July 2009, Katmai National Park, Alaska

Snow and Sand

By Leon Lee (Chicago, Illinois)
Photographed January 2009, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Steam from Mammoth Hot Springs

By Steven Ross (Nixa, Missouri)
Photographed October 2009, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Teala above and below water

By Bridget Bailey (Redding, California)
Photographed July 2010, Redding, California

A homeless boy sleeping inside the train

By Budi Prakasa (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Photographed August 2009, Jakarta, Indonesia

Village boys relaxing

By Nimai Chandra Ghosh (Kolkata, India)
Photographed November 2009, West Bengal, India

Disguised fun

By Somnath Mukherjee (Kolkata, India)
Photographed April 2009, Kolkata, India

The invisible chase

By Afshin Javadi (Rockville, Maryland)
Photographed November 2011, Santa Monica, California


House collage

By Shyamal Das (Kolkata, India)
Photographed October 2010, Sikkim, West Bengal

The Kara women are the backbone of the tribe

By Nicholas Wiesnet (Garden Grove, California)
Photographed September 2011, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia

Three fishermen on Inle Lake

By David Lazar (Brisbane, Australia)
Photographed January 2011, Inle Lake, Myanmar

The golden rock

By David Lazar (Brisbane, Australia)
Photographed February 2010, Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar

Jabulani the elephant greeting his caretaker

By Paula Durham (Cave Creek, Arizona)
Photographed September 2011, Kapama private game reserve, South Africa

Burmese novices playing soccer in the evening

By Kyaw Kyaw Winn (Yangon, Myanmar)
Photographed April 2011, Myanmar

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