Sunday, July 15, 2012

World's Largest Digital Model Railway - LOXX

LOXX - The Miniature Train Landscape That Recreates Central Berlin ...

If toy train sets still make you go all soft and awaken the child inside of you, Berlin's LOXX is a station stop you shouldn't miss.

With 2,500 square metres of H0-scale model railways right in the heart of Berlin, LOXX is claimed to be the world's largest digital model railway. LOXX technicians have recreated with great felicity the landscape and atmosphere of the city with about 4.15 kilometres of track, over 400 trains, 10,000 road vehicles and about 50,000 human figures. Every 20 minutes, nightfall is simulated and the set is illuminated with over 18,000 miniature lights.

LOXX, despite its stiff entry fee, is a hit with kids and kids-at-heart and some tourists have described it as the perfect way to spend a rainy day. After all, you're never tool old to play with trains! Any way take a look at some more photos of the stunning train landscape...

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