Friday, August 10, 2012

50 Interesting Facts About Selena Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez who was born on July 22, 1992 is an American actress and singer best known for portraying Alex Russo, the protagonist in the Emmy Award-winning television series Wizards of Waverly Place.  Her career has expanded into the music industry. She is the lead singer and founder of the pop band Selena Gomez & the Scene. Now let us take a look at some interesting facts about such a famous teen celebrity...

1. Selena Marie Gomez is her full name.

2. She was born on 22nd July 1992.

3. Her start as an actress was when she was cast on Barney & Friends at the age of seven.

4. Her mother gave birth to her at the age of 16.

5. Her parents divorced when she was 5 years old.

6. Has four dogs – Chip, Willy, Fina and Wallace.

7. She adopted her dog named Chip from an animal shelter.

8. Selena was discovered by Disney in a nation-wide casting call.

9. Her mother, Mandy Cornett, remarried in 2006 to Brian Teefey.

10. Her name ‘Selena’ means Moon in Greek.

11. She is a huge fan of Johnny Depp.

12. Selena is an only child.

13. Selena received a Mickey Mouse charm necklace as a gift from Disney Channel.

14. Selena appeared in a few episodes of Hannah Montana as Hannah's rival, Mikayla.

15. Selena Gomez is a huge fan of Cheryl Cole and wishes to record a duet with her.

16. Selena's Twitter account is @selenagomez.

17. Selena has said in Go Girl magazine that she would like invent 'Pickle Flavored Gum'.

18. Selena's band members are Greg Garman, Joey Clement, Ethan Roberts, and Dane Forrest.

19. Selena's favourite movie genre is horror.

20. Selena's favourite fruit is mango.

21. Selena loves to surf and skateboard.

22. Selena is working on a film "What Boys Want" which is in the cinemas in 2012.

23. She starred as Grace in Monte Carlo which was released in October 2011.

24. Selena Gomez's album 'A Year Without Rain' was releasedin September 2010.

25. Selena's clothing line "Dream Out Loud" launched on 15th July 2010.

26. Selena had her first kiss when she was 12 years old with Dylan Sprouse.

27. Selena starred in "Ramona & Beezus", which was released on 22nd October 2010.

28. Halloween is one of Selena's favourite holidays.

29. She is currently dating Justin Bieber.

30. Selena's favourite Justin Bieber songs are One Time, Love Me, and Never Say Never.

31. Her Zodiac Sign is Cancer.

32. Selena and Justin Bieber gave a newly-wed couple a wedding to remember — the duo crashed their wedding in Malibu and posed for the camera with the bride and groom.

33. Selena hasn't wear her purity ring since shes been with Justin Bieber.

34. During the National Council of La Raza's ALMA Awards, Selena Gomez won the award for comedy for her performance in Wizards of Waverly Place.

35. Her favourite sport is basketball.

36. She took part in Disney Channel's Earth Day celebration.

37. Selena has a driving licence

38. She drives a 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid.

39. Selena and Justin first met in 2009, when Justin's manager called Selena's mother, who's also her manager, to set up a meeting between the two.

40. Selena Gomez protects her voice by drinking olive oil!

41. She and best friend Demi Lovato have matching guitar pick necklaces.

42. Her previous relationship was with Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers.

43. For her 2011 music video "Love You Like A Love Song", Gomez had horses spray-painted pink. This led to accusations from PETA and singer Pink about the treatment of the animals.

44. In June 2011, she released her album "When The Sun Goes Down".

45. She went to Danny Jones Middle School located in Texas.

46. Her favourite band is Paramore.

47. She is named after the famous Tejano singer Selena.

48. Selena's Facebook is:

49. Selena has over one million subscribers on YouTube.

50. Her shoe size is 7, as of 2012.



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