Monday, August 27, 2012

Dead Tree Sculptures in Galveston Island

Sculptures breathes new life from the dead tree in Galveston Island After the devastating Hurricane Ike...

Hurricane Ike visited Galveston Island with devastating results for the people and infrastructure. 40,000 trees were killed during the storm surge on the island leaving the landscape bare. Galveston Island Tree Conservancy member Donna Leibbert petitioned city hall for permission to have the trees used as sculptures at city hall but the city was not at first in favor, fearing that the sculptor might get hurt and the city would be liable. Eventually, Ms Leibbert was able to gain support for her project and a new tourist attraction was born.

At last Donna Leibbert found chain saw sculptures to create this unusual and creative dead tree sculptures from the dead trees in this historic district. Although many people in the city were heart broken at losing their beloved trees that had been part of the historic district for many years, these dead tree sculptures created a reminder of the horrors of Hurricane Ike now is a charming visual sight in the Galveston Island. If you are visiting Galveston Island, then you will tour the city to see these beautiful works of art. Now, let's take a look at some more photos of this unusual yet a creative dead tree sculpture of Galveston Island.

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