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Top 10 Safest Airline Companies in the World

Extremely comfortable airline travel that greatly reduces traveling time is also associated with certain risks. To avoid incidents such as plane crash it is always recommended to pick up popular airlines with clean record. Lesser the number of fatal incidents reported by airlines safer is the airline. Here is a list of airlines that reported very few accidents since 1985.

1. British Airways 

This airline which has celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2009 is the oldest and safest airlines across the globe. It operates flights to numerous destinations across the globe and is the largest of all the airlines. British Airways offers services to nearly 30 to 40 million customers every year. Above all, it is renowned for offering excellent safety that is unbeatable by other airlines. The last fatal accident in the history of this airlines occurred in 1976. However, since then it has operated six million flights successfully.

2. Air Canada 

Air Canada operating flights across the globe to nearly 178 destinations was established in 1936. It is one among the largest airlines credited for making about 4.84 flights since the last fatal incident in 1983. Air Canada one of the huge airline carriers serves nearly 35 million passengers a day by flying approximately 1400 flights every day. Its head office is located in Montreal, Quebec with Toronto Pearson International Airport as its largest hub.

3. All Nippon Airlines 

ANA established in 1952 is the second largest airline in Japan operating flights to 35 different nations. It has been operating successfully since 1975 without any major accidents. This airline is not only renowned for safety but also for outstanding punctuality in operating the flights. Its excellent service made it achieve various international awards for excellence. With safety on top of priority list and carrying millions of passengers every year ANA can be trusted for its services and safety.

4. Air New Zealand

This airline based in Auckland, New Zealand and flying nearly 12 million passengers every year was established in 1965. It operates flights across the globe to nearly 24 destinations across 15 nations. It also operates domestic flights to 26 destinations within New Zealand. Air New Zealand is renowned as the safest airlines. It reported a deadly accident in 1979 after which it is spotless and has carried about 1.5 million flights safely. Air New Zealand often receives rewards from consumers as well as industry officials.

5. Qantas 

This Australian airline is one of the oldest airlines started in 1920. It has got a very successful record for the past 90 years. It is operating flights to about 182 destinations across 44 different nations. Year 1951 during which it reported a fatal accident is the black year in the history of Qantas. However, in the past six decades it has made 2.5 million flights without any major accidents. It is credited as one of the best Australian airlines in the world by Skytrax.

6. Aerolineas Argentinas

This South American airline was born in 1920 but is being known with the current name since 1950 after its merging with other Argentinean airlines. It is credited as one of the safest airlines with no fatal accidents since 1970. However, a case of food contamination with cholera causing microorganisms was reported in 1992. To be safe it is recommended not to have prawns. However, the airline is credited for offering best services, secret for its ability to survive bankruptcy in 1990. Since, 2008 Aerolineas Argentinas is under government ownership.

7. Finnair 

This is one of the oldest and largest airlines of Finland established in 1920s. However, it is known as Finnair only since 1953. It operates from its head office at Helsinki Airport. Even after losing fifty percent of its fleet during World War II it is able find place in top ten list. With a very good track record of no fatal incidents in the past fifty years it is operating flights via arctic to Asia to reduce travel time. Currently it is has flights to 55 international destinations carrying about 10 million passengers every year.

8. Aer Lingus 

It is the smallest of the airlines included in this list. But, it has been operating flights since 1936. This second largest carrier in Ireland has its head office in Dublin Airport. Currently this carrier is operating flights to Africa, North America and Europe. It carries about ten million passengers a year. This smallest airline of Ireland is considered highly safe.

9. TAP Portugal 

This is the national airline of Portugal and flies nearly 1600 flights to nearly 30 countries. It is credited for flying Pope John Paul II on his first visit to Portugal in 1982. It was in 2005 the airlines celebrated its 60th Anniversary. TAP is renowned for maintaining safe record since 1977 during which it reported a major accident. Head office of the TAP is located in Building 25 on the grounds of Portela Airport, Lisbon. The trust shown by the popular public figure Pope John Paul has inspired numerous travelers to trust the airlines for their flying needs.

10. Cathay Pacific 

This national airline of Hong Kong was established in 1946. The company is renowned for offering high quality services to nearly 100 destinations across 36 different countries. After a deadly accident in 1972 it has successfully made one million flights without any crashes. Cathay Pacific is rewarded with many awards for its excellent service. It is awarded the notable Airline of the Year 2005 by Skytrax. The major hub as well as head office of the airlines is at Hong Kong International Airport.

15 Biggest Machines in the World Ever Built

Nowadays technology is developing at a rapid speed and the demand for the massive machinery is increasing to maximize the production at a faster rate. Not only that, the nations' race on technology resulted in the creation of these monster machines. Now take a look at such world's largest/biggest machines ever built on land, on water, under the water, on land-water-ice and on air.

Antonov An-225 – World's largest and heaviest aircraft

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft, designed by the Soviet Antonov Design Bureau. It is the world's heaviest fixed-wing aircraft. The design, built to transport the Buran orbiter, was an enlargement of the successful An-124 Ruslan. The An-225's name, Mriya (Мрiя) means "Dream" (Inspiration) in Ukrainian. The An-225 is commercially available for flying over-sized payloads due to the unique size of its cargo deck. One of the largest machines in the world, there's currently only one aircraft in operation.

Strata 950 – The drilling machine that was used to save the 33 Chilean miners

Chile is using a 40-ton drilling machine called Strata 950 to bore through 700 meters (2,300 feet) of rock and free the 33 trapped miners workers trapped in a collapsed copper mine. Rescuers are using the Strata 950 to drill a 25-inch- diameter hole to the 33 trapped miners from the surface. The machine had to be disassembled into 42 trucks, which were posted out parts in shifts, since they couldn't fit them all together in the drilling area.

D575A-3SD - World's Biggest ( production ) Bulldozer

When it comes to bulldozing, bigger really is better. The bigger the dozer the more efficiently they work and the more aggregate they can shove. The World's biggest and most powerful (production) Bulldozer is the D575A-3SD built by Komatsu in Ishikawa, Japan. Standing 16 feet tall, 41 feet long and 24 feet wide the D575A-3SD is the king of power when it comes to shifting aggregate. When the need arises to clear away large amounts of rubble, rock or earth then the D575A-3SD is the machine of choice.

Liebherr T 282B - World's Biggest Truck

This monster machine Liebherr T 282B is a large earth-hauling dump truck designed in 2004 by a German manufacturer and became the largest earth-hauling truck in the world. It can carry about 360 tonnes (400 tons) at 64 km/h. Designer Francis Bartley says that such a truck costs US$3 million and that the worldwide market for these trucks doesn't exceed 75 units per year. He adds that this is an unconventional truck. It has a 2723-kilowatt diesel engine which powers two electric motors, making the T 282 B the biggest AC drive truck. If you like big toys, you'll certainly enjoy this.

World's Biggest Motorcycle

People who see Greg Dunham's motorcycle sometimes think they've suddenly shrunk. What they're actually looking at, however, is the world's biggest motorcycle, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Dunham built the 15-foot high, 25-foot-long monster bike in over three years. It weighs about 6,500 pounds and cost $300,000. Dunham steers it from a cage below the handlebars.

The beauty shop owner said he created the monster bike because his friends said it couldn't be done and he wanted to prove it could. The reaction he gets from people who see it is icing on the cake. The Guinness Book of World Records describes the bike as the world's tallest rideable motorcycle.

Large Hadron Collider - World's Largest and Highest-energy Particle Accelerator

This is the largest machine in the world with a length of 27 km, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It is the largest and highest-energy particle accelerator in the world intended to collide opposing particle beams. It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) for testing various predictions of high-energy physics. It lies beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva, Switzerland. It is funded by and built in collaboration with over 10,000 scientist and engineers from over 100 countries as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories.

Giant Mechanical Spider

Giant mechanical spider, part of a piece of free theater by French company La Machine entitled “Les Mecaniques Servants,” walks along the waterfront in Liverpool, England, on September 5, 2008. The 37-ton spider which stands at 50 feet (15 meters) tall was in Liverpool as part of the city's European capital of culture celebrations.

Queen of the Netherlands – World's Largest Vacuum Cleaner

The Queen of the Netherlands is a trailing suction hopper dredging ship built in 1998. Because of its huge size – the drag head is 6 m or 20 ft wide and can dredge up to 115 m or 377 ft deep- this Dutch ship has been called "the world's largest floating vacuum cleaner." The ship's hopper is among the largest in the world.

Bagger 288 Digging Machine - World's Largest Digging Machine

This is the largest digging machine (or trencher or rotating shovel) in the world. It was built by Krupp and is shown here crossing a road in Germany on the way to its destination, an open air coal mine. Although at the mine the treads are unnecessary, it was cheaper to make the machine self-propelled than to try and move it with conventional hauling equipment. The machine is 95 meters high and 215 meters long (almost 2.5 football fields in length). Weight is 45,500 tons (that's equivalent to a bumper to bumper line of jeeps 80 miles long). It took 5 years to design and manufacture at a cost of $100 million.

Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60 – World's Biggest Movable Machine

The name of that epic structure is Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60 in Lichterfeld. This technological steel giant is 502 metres long, 202 metres wide, 80 metres high and 11,000 ton heavy. It was build in East Germany in 1991 by VEB TAKRAF Lauchhammer (although the GDR was manufacturing slightly lesser types since 1958). After only 13 months of operation the F60 bridge was taken out of operation for energy-political reasons. The opencast mine Klettwitz-Nord where the conveyor bridge was operating is closed. The bridge is owned now by the community and presented as the "Lying Eiffel Tower."

Knock Nevis - World's Largest Ship Ever Constructed

This machine is the largest supertanker. It is also the largest machine that can move long distance. The Knock Nevis is a floating storage and offloading unit (FSO) owned by the Fred Olsen Production of Norway. It was previously a supertanker and as such held the record for the world's largest ship. The vessel is longer than the Petronas Twin Towers, one of the world's tallest buildings, at 452 meters or 1,480 ft.

Typhoon - World's Largest Submarine Class

This machine is the largest submarine class in the world ever built. It is a ballistic missile carrying, nuclear-powered submarine (SSBN). This large machine was deployed by the Soviet navy in the 1980s. With a maximum displacement of 26,000 tons, Typhoons are the largest class of submarine ever built. In its day it was one of the most feared weapons of mass destruction ever made. Technically, it is capable to successfully deploy long-range nuclear weapons. The cost of operations for the Typhoon submarines was so high that the Russian Navy retired all but one of them.

Emma Maersk - World's Longest Container Ship

This huge vessel is the longest container ship ever built in the world and as of 2008 - it is the longest ship in use. It is able to carry around 11,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) which is about 1,400 more containers than any other ship is capable of carrying.

BHC SR-N4 Mk-3 - World's Largest Non-military Hovercraft

This mammoth machine is the world's largest hover to date. BHC SR-N4, as shown above, is the world's largest non-military hovercraft, carrying 418 passengers and 60 cars. A hovercraft, or air-cushion vehicle (ACV), is a craft, designed to travel over any smooth surface supported by a cushion of slowly moving, high-pressure air, ejected downwards against the surface below, and contained within a "skirt." Hovercrafts are used throughout the world because they are unique among all forms of transportation in their ability to travel equally well over land, ice, and water.

TAKRAF RB293 - Largest Terrestrial Vehicle in Human History

Like the Bagger 288, the TAKRAF RB293 is a giant bucket-wheel excavator made by the German industrial company TAKRAF. It holds the record for the largest terrestrial vehicle in human history. It is used in Australia for removing over-burden from a brown coal mine in Victoria. It is also recognized as the largest and heaviest land vehicle. It measures over 94.5 meters ( 310 feet ) tall and over 220 meters ( 722 feet ) long. It weight over 14,196 tons and requires five people to operate it. The bucket-wheel itself is over 70 feet in diameter with 20 buckets, each of which can hold over 15 cubic meters of material. It can move 240,000 cubic meters or 8.475 million cubic feet of earth per day.

MS Dhoni’s New and Unusual Bike - Confederate X132 Hellcat

MS Dhoni’s love for bikes is no secret. According to reports, the Indian captain owns fourteen bikes and he has recently posted pictures of his new ‘unusual bike’ on Twitter. Well, no suspense here. It’s a Confederate X132 Hellcat and he paid a whopping Rs. 28 lakh to own it. Other superheroes who own the same super bike are Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Tom Cruise.

More About the Bike:

Named after the legendary F6F Hellcat fighter plane of WWII, the X132 Hellcat is the result of an uncompromised design and manufacturing approach. Drawing on the first and second generation Hellcats distinctive drag race architecture, the third generation Confederate X132 Hellcat advances that architecture with innovative engineering and avant-garde design.

The centerpiece of this uncompromised approach is the Hellcat's billet aluminum case. Instead of the usual casting method, the Hellcat's case is machined from two blocks of billet 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. This new case unites America's best V-Twin technology and America's superior powertrain technology into a singularity.

Although this material selection and craft methodology is expensive, it is simply the best approach for maximizing strength and guaranteeing permanence. Simply put, the X132 Hellcat is America's most substantive road bike.

Engine Specs: X132 Copperhead; 132 cubic inches (2,163 cc); 56° Fuel Injected V-Twin; 4.4” Bore x 4.4” Stroke; One-piece Forged Crank; Journal Bearing Design. The engine delivers a whopping 132 BHP and 150 lbft of torque.