Friday, October 29, 2010

8 New Uses for a Comb...

before u try out these things make sure it's clean...

1. Cake Decorator

Immediately after applying frosting, lightly run the teeth over it. (In this case, be sure the comb is new and sanitized.)


2. Carpet Fluffer

Use a comb to brush up stubborn furniture indentations on a rug.


3. Wine Strainer

If cork pieces fall into your bottle of vino, place a fine-toothed comb over the bottle’s mouth to strain out the bits as you pour. (Again, use a new, sanitized comb.)


4. Vacuum Cleaner

Scrape away lint that’s stuck on the vacuum’s roller for more suction.


5. Magic Trick

Turn on the tap to get a smooth stream. Run a comb through clean hair to build static electricity. Bring the comb close to the water without touching it. The stream will curve to the side due to the electrical charge.


6. Sweater Depiller

Gently brush the surface to remove unsightly balls from your knit top.


7. Wall Texturizer

Create a faux finish―straight lines, zigzags, grids―by gliding a comb over freshly painted walls (they should still be wet).


8. Musical Instrument

Make a kazoo by folding a piece of parchment or wax paper over a comb’s teeth (the paper should hang over about an inch).

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