Friday, November 19, 2010

17 Funny and Creative Design

These photos show us a several very creative, funny and inspiring things. Watch and enjoy!

1. I lay comfortably on my favorite “Petit Beurre” cookie to catnap. Mmm, I dream to eat!

2. This umbrella cut and pierce the rain like a sword. Neither rain nor snow can not harm! Excellent!

3. Zzzzzz… “Test” program on TV, “test” program on the pillow. Fortunately, the cushion is with no buzzing!

4. This is a new model of diapers – diapers jeans! Specifically, as comfortable shorts for those who still piss in diapers. Pockets, seams, desert … As they are made of real fabric. Are they cute?

5. How good are these prefabricated tables! Press the lever and they raised by themselves. You can pick up one, two or all three tables. You just need more chairs. But if not them, not a problem. You can sit at tables.

6. You need a chair. Here it is. You need two chairs. Here’s them too. You need three chairs and benches, here it is there! Quick to disassemble, quick to assemble, as needed. Very practical!

7. Is there anything more beautiful than the morning smile. Do you like when your child smiles, when your husband is smiles, when your mother-in-law smiles… Why wouldn’t your toaster smiles too? It would be nice of him, right?

8. Russian babushka dolls, which included one to another. So called because it is the grandmother of them painted with a scarf. This is the babushka, though a bit rejuvenated, in which is hidden “Black Smirnoff”. Does hide in less babushkas, and how many drinks is really inside? I hope it isn’t so much for a sip!

9. I was just doze off, when I was tickle me an annoying fly. What to do, get up, get flyswatter and “delete” it. Go back to bed. Just as I grabbed the first dream, when the buzz of annoying mosquito began around my head. What could I do, but to “delete” it too, with “delete”.

10. Why is everyone watching me like I’m naked? Well, this jacket is the latest model! Brand name! I bought in the city center, in “Passage”! I gave for this jacket a fortune, and all stare at me like I’m a monster! Hey, people this is an ordinary leather jacket, for God’s sake!

11. Mmmm, my grandmother cooked the best! These her Pac-man cookies are phenomenal! If you need a recipe, I’ll ask grandma, so I’ll give it to you. My grandmother likes to play lots of games, all sorts of genres, but this is her most interesting. He grew up with it. So she figured out to make this wonderful dessert, which returns her to childhood.

12. What do you think, in which of these vessels is salt and in which is pepper? Is the red container with pepper because he is angry, or because he is a villain in this story? White is definitely a good guy! It is so good that you can put it in the dish of a small child!

13. In the DIY store I saw a beautiful lamp, but I didn’t saw that it was mounting. Beautiful lamp, I very need it but what it’s worth when I do not have a tools for it’s mounting? See instructions, when… I do not need tools. Makes it fast and simple, like a toy from Kinder. I recommend it, and I went to buy another one!

14. Phone rang. A friend called me to tell me the address of his favorite stores for home design. You know already that I love these things: interesting, new, creative, modern, expensive… I wrote the address in my tost that I didn’t manage to eat this morning (I’m kidding), and went to shopping.

15. I love to go to lunch with my grandmother. She always takes care of design and fashion. Even when it comes to setting the table and serve lunch. The only thing my grandmother knows how to draw with pencil is Smiley, but she is good with drawing with food. Particularly when she drew my grandfather!

16. We, rich people, in our drinking doesn’t put the square ice. This is not “IN”! We use only the diamonds. And sometimes, in the form of a certificate.

17. Fencing once was a way of fighting for the status of a man in society. Today it is an Olympic sport, and leisure for some fans of barbecue, sausage, bacon and picnics. The fight for food takes us into history. Food leads us to the beer. A beer to sleep. Good night!