Thursday, December 16, 2010

Form Follows Function - Sofa

Stunning, chic, sleek... This beautiful piece of sculptural furniture was created by Dutch designer Daan Mulder. A three dimensional model of the "Form Follows Function" sofa was first conceptualized through a computer program.

"The model consists of three curved faces which can be virtually unfolded," says the designer. "Next, these faces are manufactured from steel plates with a laser cutting process. The plates are bent and welded together to obtain the final shape of the sofa. All functionalities of the sofa are created from one continuous line."

Microsoft facts

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Carpets made out of everything

Designers Marcia Nolte and Stijn Van Der Vleuten and visual artist Bob Waardenburg together comprises of We Make Carpets - an art collective that creates temporary structures that resemble carpets. The trio uses all sorts of materials to build them – pasta, toy soldiers, coffee cups, forks and others.






Kensington Dollshouse Festival 2010

The Kensington Doll House Festival is considered one of the premier dolls house shows of the world. Established in 1985, the show has become the leading event for craftsmen and miniatures enthusiasts to get together and enjoy their obsession. Visitors travel to London from Japan, USA and Europe to attend the Festival every year and there are over 175 crafts people exhibiting, many of which also come from abroad. The event is held annually at the Kensington Town Hall in London.

world’s smallest solar theater

Sol Cinema


Nowadays eco-friendly is definitely the way to go, and green is a hip color, so the Sol Cinema follows the latest trends.

It was created by artist Peter O’Connor with the help of some of his colleagues from the British art collective Undercurrents, in a travel trailer from the 1960′s. The Sol Cinema is fully powered by the sun, using 120W solar panels that are connected to four large lithium-ion batteries, providing sufficient energy for the LED projector and all the other electronics inside.

But being powered by solar energy alone isn’t the only unique characteristic of the Sol Cinema, as being set up inside a trailer also makes it the world’s smallest solar theater. Believe it or not, it’s able to accommodate up to eight visitors.

The cinema focuses it’s screenings on eco-themed movies or documentaries. If you’re interested, more info on the theater’s tour dates and locations can be found on the official website. Apparently,following its local success, the Sol Cinema is preparing for a tour around Europe.