Thursday, December 23, 2010

Manned Cloud - The Floating Hotel

French designer, Jean-Marie Massaud, has been working in conjunction with the French National Office of Airship Research on the project since 2005. The airship is a floating hotel called the Manned Cloud.
It will cruise at a speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) and 18,000ft above sea level. It could circle the earth in about ten days.It will travel for 3,100 miles (almost 5,000 km) before needing to be refueled. It is an ecologically friendly way to travel, leaving little impact on the environment without the need for hotels, according to the promoters. It could land for a few days or for a week if there is a big event going on.
The Manned Cloud is almost 700ft long, 270ft wide and 170ft deep. It has a restaurant, a library, a lounge and a gym on the first deck. On the second level there will be 20 passenger rooms, terraces with panoramic windows, a spa and a bar room.
The airship is powered by a giant rear propeller and also has two further engines pointing downwards for vertical take-off.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

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10 Tech Gadgets All Music Lovers Should Have

In this day and age, technology gives us endless ways to look for and listen to any specific song we're looking for. With digital music available to us right at our fingertips, it's now about finding ways to get the most out of our music-listening experience. Here, then, are ten of the best gadgets and gear out there that are not only well-designed, they're perfect for anyone who appreciates the high-quality, clear sound of music everywhere they go.

1. Jawbone Jambox: $199
From the makers of the stylish Jawbone headset comes a new portable wireless bluetooth speaker that promises clear, room-filling sound. This beautiful Yves Behar designed box gets eight hours of continuous playback so you can keep the party going all night long. You can stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device including your phone, laptop, desktop or iPad. With a built-in microphone, the Jambox can even act as a speakerphone for conference calls.

2. TDK Boombox: $499 for 3-speaker version
With a USB and RCA auxiliary ports that can connect to your music source, like your iPod or iPhone, this boombox may look like one for yesteryear but it's actually a head-turning update! You still have AM/FM radio but instead of old analog switches, you now have touch sensitive-buttons. With a 15-watt center woofer and 10-watt side speakers get ready for some bumpin' sound! Love the high gloss black finish.

3. Beats Studio by Dr. Dre: $299.95

If you're looking for over-the-ear, noise-canceling headphones, you'll find two leaders, Bose or Beats by Dr. Dre. Beats was developed by music industry professionals and promises to give you incredible power, clarity and deep bass. Can you believe that three years of research and development went into making these headphones? Cool bonus: the headphones come with an iPhone enabled headphone cable with built-in answer button and microphone so you can easily switch from listening to music to talking on your phone.

4. iPad: $499-$829 + Djay App: $19.99

While there can a countless number of ways you can enjoy music on your iPad, there's one app that will truly make you appreciate it if you're a music lover. The Djay app is DJ software that transforms your iPad into a full-fledged DJ system. Not only does it seamlessly integrate all of your iPod music library, the hyper-realistic touchscreen interface will make you feel as though you're spinning on turntables rather than your iPad! Work on everything from pre-cueing, beat matching and scratching.

5. Shure SE425 Sound-Isolating Earphones: $300

Shure's SE425 earbuds are for those people who want to upgrade out of their white, out-of-the-box iPod earphones.They deliver fantastic audio quality and sound isolation that can block out a good deal of noise, making it perfect for the person who values not only a crisp and clean sound but an accurate and balanced one. In fact, the SE425 uses a dedicated tweeter and woofer. Nice touch? Detachable cable can be replaced.

6. Logitech Squeezebox Touch: $300

 If you want to play music anywhere in your house but you want to pull it from your computer, try out the Logitech Squeezebox Touch. Whether you want to listen to your own music collection from music services like iTunes and Amazon or you want to all the endless choices that come with internet radio, you can do it all using this device. They've even recently partnered up with Pandora and Rhapsody, so you can discover new music from those services. Loving the color touch-screen.

7. Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System: $494.95

Gadget setup doesn't get easier than this! Plug a USB key into your computer and the Bose SoundLink system will play your digital music and Internet radio from your computer. With its long-range wireless link, just use the remote control and you can then easily change the song from virtually anywhere in the house. You'll get Bose quality sound performance and a rechargeable battery that will free you from any outlets. Nice!

8. iPod Nano: $149-$179

The newest iPod Nano shrunk about half its size but is now multi-touch with a built-in FM radio! It's perfect for anyone on the go - who wants to take it on a quick walk or a jog through the park. If you can't get enough of your Nano, there are even plans underway to turn it into a sleek watch. For those who love their music and Apple's sleek design, this lightweight gadget is a must-have.

9. Parrot Zikmu Wireless Speakers: $1,500

Before you balk at the hefty $1,500 price tag for these gorgeous speakers, let me remind you that they are designed by one of the most iconic designers of our time, Philippe Starck. Zikmu stands at the cutting edge of new wireless technologies and streams audio tracks without any wires in sight thanks to its dedicated iPod/iPhone docking station and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. "These speakers are thoroughly modern, thanks to all their technical specifications and minimalist design," explains Philippe Starck. "They feature the most extreme and innovative technology with the fewest possible materials to deliver maximum effect: that is the magic." Think of this as art in your living room!

10. Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack: $249

If you're always listening to your iPod or MP3 player, you'll want to make sure it's always charged. Voltaic's OffGrid Solar Backpack can help. It has a removable solar pocket that can charge all your hand-held electronics. Just connect any USB charger direct to the battery's USB port or select from nine included adapters. This is the perfect bag for a student or a traveler who's always finding their gadgets running low on energy.

India Displays Most Impressive Cake..

Showcased during the 36th Annual Cake Exhibition, the sweet replica of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is definitely this year’s star of the show. It’s made out of approximately five tons of sugar, and at 22 feet long and 14 feet wide, it’s about to enter the record books as the biggest cake ever made in India. A team of chefs and food artists have been working around the clock to get this perfect replica of the iconic Mumbai hotel ready in time for Christmas, as a tribute to the landmark attacked by terrorists, in 2008.
The impressive-looking cake can be admired between December 17 – 27, during the cake show, in Bangalore.

Types of Love - Drawing...

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Cheetah with it's six cubs...

With six hungry mouths to feed, there’s only one thing a mother can do – teach the kids to get their own tea.

This cheetah and her unusually large family seem to be making good progress on the self-catering front, even if the playful cubs sometimes forget hunting duty for a spot of rough and tumble instead.
Barely 10 per cent of cheetah cubs make it past three months in the wild, so at a sleek four months, these youngsters have already beaten the harshest of odds. 
A cheetah with her six cubs in Massai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, all in a row.

And they are a real credit to their mother’s ingenuity and dedication. As well as teaching them to hunt, she has to keep them hidden from predators, frequently changing hiding places to keep their enemies guessing. Then she has to put up with their rather boisterous behaviour – six times over. But the family photos, taken in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, show she is managing beautifully so far. A spokesman for the Cheetah Conservation Fund was delighted that such an endangered species is doing so well. She said: ‘It fills us with hope that a mother can successfully look after numbers like this.’ 

DOWN HERE! The cheetah led her brood up a tree for a better look at the beautiful surroundings.

She no doubt has her paws full with the rambunctious brood. But she’ll have her paws full for some time.

Cheetah cubs don’t leave their mothers until they are 18 months old. Captured on camera in October in the Massai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, by Italian wildlife photographer Paolo Torchio the little ones pestering their dedicated mum - just like excitable school kids running around the feet of a human parent. Cheetah pregnancies only last about three months.

The mum didn't have much time to prepare for her six-fold blessing. 

 There was no father cheetah in site as the cubs dashed about with their mum close by.

Their rough-and-tumble approach to play will equip them with the skills they'll need when they mature, so they can cope with a life in the big wide world and hunt successfully. Patricia Tricorache from international charity Cheetah Conservation Fund, said: 'It's an extraordinary and rare achievement to successfully rear a litter of this size, and great news for the species.'

These two cubs enjoyed a playful sibling wrestling match.

Cheetahs are easily distinguished from leopards by the black tear lines under their eyes.

The seven beautiful cats took a break from playing and enjoyed a peaceful sunset together

Small things teach us a lot in life