Tuesday, March 8, 2011

10 Reason That Makes Us Over Eat...

You eat when you're bored or do not have anything interesting to do or look forward to. So, kill your boredom by indulging in something constructive like reading a book, talking to a friend or listening to music etc.

We often feel deprived of the foods which we enjoy eating but the calories attached to them don't permit our conscious to eat them. This leaves us craving for them even more. So, do have your favourite dessert once a while so that you don't over eat it after craving for it for long.

This is an physiological disorder which results in carbohydrates being readily converted to glucose and the pancreas responds to this shift in blood sugar by secreting an excessive amount of the hormone, insulin. Insulin has an appetite stimulating effect. The person is driven to eat and if simple carbohydrates are chosen, the cycle continues.

Excessive eating, lack of physical activity and stress are habits which are hard to leave. Such habits become a part of our lifestyle.

Most of us put up with so much in our lives that this is constantly draining our energy, leaving us feeling tired and so, we tend to over eat.

Willpower is one of the tools you need to employ in order resist the powerful cravings associated with food. The cravings will attempt to control you. It is your willpower, determination and self-discipline that you will use to fight back.

Anxieties and emotions also trigger the desire to eat. Some women eat because they are sad or stressed out or even to celebrate when they are happy.

Most of us also over eat because we harbor the false idea that we will not obtain enough nutrients by having small meals of raw fruits and/or vegetables.

We feel bored and we eat recreationally. Develop enjoyable, purposeful and healthful activities away from the food or kitchen.

We often feel socially obligated to eat, specially at parties and get-togethers.

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