Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mysterious ice balls near lake Michigan

It's winter and it's snowing, what do we do? We make snow balls! But wait a minute, these snow balls are already made, and they are gathered on a beach? Yes, that's right, these snow or ice balls are made by themselves. The motion of the water and the temperature being just below the freezing point are making it possible for the snow to form itself in this way.

From far away it looks weird like a lot of white pearls spread all over the beach. If you take a stroll down to the water you'll notice how the balls are under the water too, they seem to never end. They are located at the shore of Lake Michigan, so if you are nearby, you should definitely take some time to see this nature phenomenon. Something similar happened on another beach but the thing is that the balls are from stone and not from ice.

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