Monday, July 18, 2011

12 Unusual and Creative Helmets

Collection of creative motorcycle helmets and unusual helmet designs from all over the world.

Skull Helmet
You can captivate people by performing tricks on your bike or you can simply wear this helmet.

LEGO Helmet
Creative helmet, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, looks like the head of a LEGO character.

Spider-Man Helmet

Transformers Helmet
Creative helmet that changes your voice to sound like Optimus Prime.

Watermelon Helmet

Pac-Man Helmet
Homemade full face motorcycle helmet that looks like Pac-Man.

Iron Man Helmet

Storm trooper Helmet

Darth Vader Helmet

Cartoon Helmet

Daft Punk Robot Helmet
Robot helmet from Daft Punk’s 11-minute long feature film Electroma.

Valentino Rossi Face Helmet
Designed by Aldo Drudi, the “face” helmet was worn by Valentino Rossi during the 2008 Italian Grand Prix at the Mugello Circuit.

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