Tuesday, August 16, 2011

22 Creative beer and Beverage Drinking Gadgets

Collection of useful drinking gadgets and creative inventions that makes our lifestyle cool and unique... Especially for people who love beer more than any thing.

Submachine Gun Beer Bong
Take down your guests in a merciless assault of tasty beer.

Bottle Top
Bottle tops turn your can into a spill-proof bottle. Just snap onto the top and enjoy your favorite beverage without spills.

Roll ‘n Pour
Rocking beverage server helps you pour beverages from bulky and heavy bottles without spills or dropping the bottle.

Liquor Lock
Keep the “unwanted customers” from running your bar dry.

Master Opener
In addition to opening regular cans, this cool Master Opener can break vacuum seals, open pull tabs, twist off screw tops, and crack open soda and beer bottles.

Draft Beer Faucet
Traditional uses include draft beer systems like kegerators, however the creative folks at the Food Network prefer to use it to turn watermelons into cocktail kegs.

Binocular Flask
On the outside it appears to be a regular pair of binoculars, but is in fact a flask in sheep’s clothing. Each eye piece opens to provide access to a separate compartment.

Bottle Clip
Creative bottle holder that simply snaps onto any standard sized mens bicycle. Most bottles can be screwed directly into the clip.

U Fizz
Tired of Coca-Cola and Pepsi? Thanks to the miracles of home carbonation, now you can turn anything you want into a fizzy lifting drink.

Aqua Jar
Cool plastic bottle decanter designed by GR Lab from Barcelona.

Lemon Squeezer
With a simple twist, Rosendahl’s Lemon Squeezer easily and beautifully serves juice directly from the fruit.

Beer Belly
Beer dispenser that fits stealthily and comfortably around your waist.

Beer Belt
Awesome beer holder allows you to have six beers on your belt.

Beer Savers
Durable and stretchy bottle caps designed to help keep beer fresh.

Magnetic Can Cooler
Strong magnet will keep your beer can in place on any metal surface.

Solid Ice Beer Tray
Beer holder molded from solid ice will cool up to six beer bottles.

Beer Scooper
It will plunge into icy water to grab a cold one so you don’t have to.

Road Popper
Bike mountable bottle opener will help you open any beer bottle.

Bottle Carrier
Sixpack carrier will help you safely transport up to six beer bottles.

Beer Blaster
Puncture a shaken can and use the carbonation to blast your friends.

Beer Buckle
Belt buckle retracts and springs up to hold a beverage can or bottle.

Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack
Each individual can holster is insulated to keep your beer cold.

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