Friday, August 19, 2011

College Majors Of some famous celebs

College majors of the stars. Before they were rich and famous, many notable public figures were just regular college students. Though some celebrities skipped or never finished college others pursued degrees and studied subjects that may surprise you.

Weird Al
Long before the king of musical parodies rapped "White and Nerdy" he was learning a more structured skill at this California university.

Forest Whitaker
If Forest Whitaker wasn't an award-winning actor, he would probably be performing this classic art form which he studied at the home of the Trojans.

Jennifer Garner
In her years at a small liberal arts university, Jennifer Garner studied a challenging subject before switching her major to drama. Unlike her famous husband, who majored in this subject, Garner completed her bachelor's degree.

Aston Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher has a new steady gig , but if things don't work out he may want to finish what he started at the University of Iowa before dropping out to pursue modeling.

Michael Jordan
There is more to His Airness than swishes and slam dunks. In addition to his basketball credentials, Jordan has a degree from a high-ranking public university.

Gene Simmons
With a bachelor's degree in a respected field, the KISS frontman might have been the world's coolest teacher. Simmons studied at Richmond College in a New York borough.

Sean Penn
This recently-single actor really commits to his roles, but he did not stay committed to college for very long. Penn briefly showed his motor-skills studying a practical subject at a junior college in a seaside city.

Ice Cube
Before joining N.W.A., this gangster rapper took courses at a technology institute in Arizona.

Hugh Laurie
Though he only played a doctor on TV, Hugh Laurie's cleverness isn't just an act. While studying at a prestigious British university, the actor earned his degree in a subject he really dug.

Ray Romano
If this comedic actor ever has trouble finding acting gigs, he always has his academic skills to fall back on. Romano studied at a New York college before pursuing stand-up comedy and staring in his hit show.

Eva Longoria
There is more than what meets the eye with this former pageant queen and Desperate Housewives star. Before heading to Hollywood, Longoria attended a historic college in her home state and earned her degree.

Condoleezza Rice
Though the former secretary of state eventually switched her major to political science, she started out studying a musical instrument at this mile-high university.

Mayim Bialik
Best known for her role as Blossom, this child star earned her PhD in a brainy subject at the home of the Bruins.

Ron Jeremy
Despite being a world famous porn star, Jeremy has a master's degree in a far more PG subject from a New York college.

Shaquille O'Neal
The Big Diesel is known for his entertaining interviews and skill on the basketball court, but not many people know he earned an advanced degree online from an Arizona university.

Brian May
Not many people know that Queen's lead guitarist, the guy who wrote "Fat Bottomed Girls", has a PhD in a stellar subject. May earned his degree from a London university .

Will Ferrell
This SNL alum only played an Anchorman for a movie role, but he could have been one in real life if he had pursued his college major after graduation. Before joining the comedy group that spawned his career, Ferrell earned his degree at this California university.

John Edwards
This indicted former vice presidential nominee attended a state university, tackling a subject that gave him little material for his future career in politics.

Chris Martin
The Coldplay frontman attended a prestigious British university, and graduated with a degree in a time-honored subject.

Carly Fiorina
Surprisingly, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard didn't major in business as an undergraduate. Instead she studied more esoteric subjects.

Lisa Kudrow
Though Phoebe Buffay was educated on the streets, the actress behind the Friends character has a degree in a scientific field. Kudrow attended the same college as this Best Actress winner.

Jay Leno
Before he was dishing out late-night laughs, this funny guy attended a Massachusetts college.

Gregg Gillis
The musician better known as Girl Talk may be the master of the mashup, but there is more to him than sampling tracks and looping beats. Gillis also has a degree in a challenging field from an Ohio university.

Tim Gunn
Though fashion is his game, the guy who coined the phrase make it work studied a more classic art form at an art college.

Kate Beckinsale
This British beauty is more than just a pretty face. Beckinsale attended the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

Herbert Hoover
The 31st United States president didn't study law or political science like other presidents. While attending this prestigious university, he opted for a more grounded major which may or may not have helped during the rocky times in his presidency.

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