Thursday, August 11, 2011

Glass Beach of California

Usually when a person throws out litter he/she influences the nature in a negative way. Heaps of litter are not useful, they spoil not only the air, soil and water but also harm the aesthetic look of the natural beauty. Could you ever think of any exceptions to this rule?

There is one interesting place - Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, USA. This place is amazing. In the 60s the junkyard was closed and the litter just lived its life. Heaps of broken glass, plastic and other litter were just lying under the California sun washed by the sea waves and blown by the sea breezes.

Eventually by the 80s it was noticed that not a trace remained from the junkyard. All the glass on the beach turned into amazing beautiful bright and translucent stones under the impact of the waves. From that time and on more and more tourists began to come here, this place has become very popular. There are many masters who make various souvenirs from these stones that sell rather well. It's a great wonder of the industrial interference of humans in the natural processes.

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