Monday, August 29, 2011

World’s most expensive chocolate

The Chocolate made by gold flakes wrapped with Swarovski crystal...

The Chocolate is the world’s most expensive chocolate because of its precious making it becomes so expensive. The mixture of ingredients contain 24-karat gold flakes completely edible already passed all the required criteria and it’s so delicious that you have never experienced this kind of taste. This ultimate most expensive chocolate is not only superb from taste also its gorgeous packaging making it very attractive bears for the expensive chocolate of the world.

Element gold was the magic solution to achieve immortality it was the vision of ancient Egyptians and now this precious element gold is come in use as a part of food and mostly in Europe and United States it’s widely used.

This most expensive chocolate of the world is perfect from all its sides like by its delicious taste also from its packaging it’s too awesome because of its adornment. Actually more than 400 Swarovski crystals have used to decorate the packaging of this most expensive chocolate.

Chocolates are widely used all over the world because in many purpose chocolates are used such as valentine day or many happy occasions. The cost of this chocolate is 190 pounds also from its appearance and taste it bears for this expensive rate.

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