Saturday, September 17, 2011

21 Cool and Unusual iPhone Accessories

Collection of useful gadgets and creative accessories that you can purchase for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Retro Handset
YUBZ handset will protect you from radiation and get you noticed. 

iPhone Forward facing camera
Let’s face it taking a photo of yourself with the iPhone is not the easiest of things to do, but luckily this is one of those devices that has been designed to make the life of the iPhone user easier. It attaches to the iPhone and with the use of a mirror the user is able to take a brilliant self photo ideal posting on twitter.

iPhone Tripod
GorillaMobile flexible tripod will help you take great photographs.

iPhone Wheel Mount

GoSmart Clip securely fastens your iPhone to the steering wheel.

iPhone Grip
Game controller inspired product will add extra grip to your iPhone.

iPhone Projector
Sparkz will charge your iPhone while projecting videos on the wall.

Waterproof iPhone Case
Dry CASE is a flexible waterproof case that allows complete use of your iPhone while keeping it dry and clean.

iPhone Bicycle Mount
GoRide will help you easily attach your iPhone to your bicycle.

iPhone DSLR
OWLE Bubo was made to help you use SLR lenses with the iPhone.

Game Boy iPhone Case
This case will transform the outside of your iPhone into a Game Boy.

iPhone Holder
Vyne is a flexible hands-free viewing accessory for Apple iPhone.

iPhone Steering Wheel
Fulfill your need for speed with the Racer Steering Wheel for the iPhone.

iPhone Tactile Keyboard
TK-421 iPhone case comes with a real flip-out tactile keyboard.

iPhone Windshield Mount
Window Seat mounts your Apple iPhone at eye level, putting all of your street maps within view and reach.

iPhone TV Hat
This hat turns an iPhone into your own personal movie theater.

iBike Rider
Useful accessory for iPhone owners who love riding motorcycles.

Mini iPhone Mic
This can be a great addition to any iPhone, especially for users that like to make hands free calls as we all know how difficult that can be sometimes, especially when you are outside and you are getting all of that background sound.

iPhone Telephoto Lens
Join the ranks of pro photographers or paparazzi with the great looking telephoto lens for the iPhone, it will zoom in up to 8X magnification and that is not bad for a small camera like the one in the iPhone. Therefore, this is a good piece of kit that could come in very useful and if you get the right image may even pay for itself.

iPhone Personal Movie Theatre
The iPhone is so much more than just a phone, it can be a personal movie theatre when attached to this device, which produces a display that works out at the equivalent of watching a 55” television screen from distance of around ten feet.

iPhone 3G Car KIT FM Transmitter
The iPhone 3G Car KIT FM Transmitter is also a car cradle and a charging device. This is way it will be perfect for you. No matter with car model you have, this item will work because it is adaptable and flexible.

iFusion - Landline Phone Using iPhone
Combining the capabilities of many top-selling iPhone accessories into a single device, the revolutionary iFusion utilizes built-in Bluetooth technology, a full duplex speaker phone and a patented ergonomic design to deliver superior voice quality that meets the demanding requirements of today’s home and business consumer.

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