Saturday, September 17, 2011

32 Creative and Unusual Modern vase designs

Creative and unusual vase designs that will look great in any home or office...

Gun Vase
Fill with water and drop flowers into the barrels of ceramic gun vase.

Outline Vase
Unique vase designed by MoMA makes a single flower look striking.

Leather Vases
Modern vase designs that look like stitched leather are actually made from high-quality porcelain.

Tilting Vase
Intelligent vase designed by David Sweeney begins to ‘lie down’ when it needs water.

Swell Vases
German designer Anika Engelbrecht combines simple ceramic vessels with colourful balloons to create modern swell vases.

Split Wood Vase
Creative vases from the Laminated Bamboo Lumber Project by Japanese design collective Teori.

Unlimited Edition Vases
Unusual modern vase designs by Pieke Bergmans.

Luna Vase
Beautiful Luna ceramic vase designed by Eero Sairanen.

Onion Vase
Stretching the limits between natural and artificial objects in order to raise the question where does the vase end and the flower start.

Crevasse Vase
Beautiful steel vase designed by Zaha Hadid for Alessi.

Biosfera Lamp Vase
Creative table lamp design that doubles as a vase.

Zipper Vase
The zipper vase can adjust itself according to your flower arranging needs. Whether a single stem or a large bouquet, this vase can contain it.

Hula Hoop Vase
A series of stackable elements, that once stacked may be used to encompass an empty wine bottle. The bottle thus becomes a one flower vase, providing it with a new guise and a new use.

Sprout Vase
Beautiful single flower vase designed by Guido Costantino.

Hidden Vase
Designed by Dan Yeffet, the central shaft of the vase is practically hidden behind the vein-like structure.

Milk Carton Vase
U.K. designer James Burgess pours a dash of whimsy into white porcelain. Perfect for dunking one, two or three flowers.

Metal Vases
Modern Azcast vases are hand-molded, hand-poured, and hand-finished from 100% recycled aluminum.

Heart Vase
Creative flower vase looks like anatomically correct human heart.

Plate Vase
Unusual porcelain vase comes with two integrated food plates.

Sand Vase
Creative vases made out of sand and resin by Yukihiro Kaneuchi.

Peaceful Bomb Vase
Designed to remind about life and peace, instead of destruction.

Balloon Vases
When the balloon shrivels, you will know to add more water.

Swan Vase
Black and white vases made from the mold of an old chair leg.

Pipe Vases
Series of unusual vases created from PVC pipes of different sizes.

Whale Vase

Photo Frame Vase
Fotoflora vase has removable wooden frame for your photographs.

Bikini Vase

Knotted Vase

Banana Vase
Creative black and white vases designed to look like bananas.

Esher Vase
Modern vase designed by Michael Nitschke illustrates growth.

Lace Vase
Soft vase allows you to use plastic and glass bottles in a new way.

Wearable Vase
Glass necklace that allows you to wear beautiful fresh flowers.

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