Monday, September 26, 2011

35 Creative Apple iPhone Docks

Unusual and creative Apple iPhone docks that will charge your phone in style.

Bookshelf iPhone Dock
This stylish Apple iPhone dock comes with two integrated speakers.

Wall Dock
This wall-mounted dock allows you to get rid of cables and charge your iPhone in a safe and secure place.

Hippo iPhone Dock
Hippopota dock iPhone dock created by Josh and Rebecca.

Recycled CDs iPhone Dock
Unusual iPhone dock created from old CDs. Great way to recycle!

Mario Warp Pipe iPhone Dock
Handmade iPhone dock inspired by Super Mario Brothers game.

Dinosaur iPhone Dock
DIY Brachiosaurus Apple iPhone dock created by Jonathan Ralph.

Cardboard iPhone Dock
If you do not want to spend any money, you can always make your own iPhone dock out of cardboard.

NES Controller iPhone Dock
Nintendo controller recycled into one of a kind docking station.

Wooden iPhone Dock
This stylish docking station comes with a standard USB plug, so it can be used to charge and sync your iPhone with a computer.

iRetrofone iPhone Dock
Cool dock for your iPhone designed to look like a retro telephone.

Tree Trunk iPhone Dock.
This is a nice looking wooden Tree Trunk iPhone Dock‚ from Woodtec. It is made of natural and organic material, which makes it more durable than the average iPhone accessory.

Sega Dreamcast Controller Turned iPhone Dock.
This fantastic iPhone dock has been created by Jay Hauf! The Dreamcast controller gets a new lease on life, while bringing the art of designing unique iPhone docks
to newer horizons.

DIY iPhone Box Dock.
The simplest things are beautiful! Basically, all you need is some glue and a hole cut in the iPhone box — and you have your very own home-made iPhone dock, for free...

Lego rotate iPhone Dock.
Lego enthusiast Steven Combs presents this really unique iPhone dock made out of Lego blocks. This clever stand rotates from portrait to landscape mode.

iPhone Dock with Light Alarm.
This two-in-one gadget created by Phillips is beyond your expectations. It combines
a light alarm and an iPhone/iPod dock. If you’d like to be awoken by pleasant sounds as well, you can set your favorite iTunes or FM radio channel to the alarm .

The iStand
This stunning iStand has been created by a 11 year old boy – Ted Jarvis Ang – for his father’s iPhone. It’s something simple and elegant, yet useful and functional.

Dock Station with USB Hub and Card Reader.
This multi-purpose gadget is an excellent combination of an iPhone/iPod dock, a USB hub and memory card reader. The card reader handles SD/MMC/HCSD formats, while the hub supports up to three USB 2.0 devices simultaneously.

PARASYNC Charge & Sync Multi-Dock.
This dock is created especially for those who have more than one iPhone or iPod. The Parasync docking station from Parat Solutions allows you to dock and sync 20 iPhones or iPods at the same time.

Twin dock charging station by Dexim.
This is a multi purpose charging station that can charge two iPhones at the same time. Whenever you start charging, the area encircling the dock gets lit up with a beautiful blue light.

iPhone Dock with Speaker & Hands-Free Mic.
NewerTech offers this dock, which allows you to use your iPhone to make conference calls as well as listen to your music through the built-in 2-watt speakers ‚ all while your iPhone is charging.

Just Mobile 3G XSTAND Deluxe.
This high-tech, ultra-stylish iPhone dock will attract even the most fastidious and scrupulous people of fashion. Elegant and charming, it will be a perfect addition to your style.

Steve Jobs Bobble head Dock
How would you like if Steve Jobs be with your iphone at rest...

Pencil iPhone Stand (DIY)
Take 5 pencils and some rubber bands and what do you get? A tripod iPhone stand.

Analog time piece Dock
This dock by iLive takes that leap of faith and lands rather gracefully. In lieu of a digital display with boring easy to read numbers, iLive opted to turn the screen of the iPhone into a beautifully integrated analog time piece.

MiniDock iPhone Charger
MiniDock is an iPhone wall dock adapter for the original iPhone power supply. It allows you to charge your favorite iPhone or iPod with your existing Apple USB Power Adapter. Your device sits upright in the MiniDock while it charges directly into the wall socket, allowing you to free up counter or tabletop space.

Steampunk iphone Dock

Wheat bread iphone Dock ( DIY )
Another creative DIY ( Do It Yourself ) Dock made from wheat bread. Yummy!

Cheese Dock ( DIY )
If bread can do the work, why not cheese? This one looks more delicious.

NAJA King Stand Dock
NAJA King Stand Holder is designed to hold your iPhone safely. You can easily view videos with ease using this dock. The NAJA King can rotate 360 degree for wide-screen viewing on your iPhone. The flexible 3-foot long cable with coiling abilities makes it compact enough for traveling.

This one is really beauty to look at. It comes with two separated spherical pods with an illuminated teardrop which sheds blue light around the speaker.

Horus Multimedia Coffee Table
An advanced pyramid-shaped coffee table which contains two amplified speakers and a docking station for your iPhone. Listen to music or radio while charging your iPhone. Moreover, a LED system provides a light diffusion inside glass table which produces awesome effect. It’s available in 24 colors.

Edifier iF500
Edifier iF500 is an elegant all-in-one audio system with excellent audio quality. As an iPod, iPhone, MP3 docking station or FM radio you can get outstanding visual and audio experience.

iHome iConnect keyboard
A fancy keyboard from iHome with iPhone Docking Station.

Paper iPhone Dock ( DIY )
You have seen it right. Even the thick A4 paper can work wonders.

NewerTech Window Mount Dock
A window mount for iPhone which uses “super” vacuum adhesion to hold your iPhone. The cradle is rotatable so the iPhone can be held in portrait or landscape mode.

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