Friday, September 23, 2011

38 Creative and Unusual Beds

Collection of cool modern beds and contemporary bed designs that will look great for any bedroom. A Unique way to relax at the end of the day...

Ball Bed
Sofa/bed combo made of 80 soft and extremely comfortable balls.

Car Bed
Modern bed created out of recycled car parts for V8 Hotel.

Vertical Bed
Unusual bed from Ernesto Neto allows you to sleep standing up.

Nest Bed
Awesome bed designed to be as comfortable and cozy as a nest.

Bookcase Bed
Karen Babel has designed a bed that hides between bookshelves.

Safety Bed
Weird bed locks you into place to make sure that you do not move.

Grass Bed
Nature inspired bed for people that like to sleep in their garden.

Earthquake Proof Bed
Wang Wenxi from China has designed an earthquake proof bed.

Phi-ton Bed
Adjusts to unique desires and physical characteristics of every user.

Foldable Bed
Innovative bed made of fiberglass reinforced plastic tubes can fold and adjust to different mattress sizes.

Floating in Air Bed
Supported by one foot in the middle to creates the floating illusion.

Ice Bed
Cool bed carved out of ice is located inside Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Fetal Position Bed
Creative bed designed for people that do not move when they sleep.

Glass Bed
Stylish bed designed by Italian manufacturer Santambrogio Milano.

Hammock Bed
This cool suspended bed will spice up any contemporary bedroom.

Zipper Bed
Letto Zip bed makes daily bed-making process faster and easier.

Spaceship Bed
This bed will bring the drama of space dogfights to your bedroom.

Floating Bed
Cool bed designed by Ego Paris for use in swimming pools.

Yin Yang Bed
Creative bunk bed created by Italian designer Alessio Pappa.

Suspended Bed
Innovative bed with suspended mattress designed by Max Longin.

Hammock Bed

Concealed Safe Bed
Modern bed with hidden safe for firearms and other valuables.

Rocking Bed
Cool bed by Manuel Kloker allows you to rock yourself to sleep.

Cinderella Bed
Unique pumpkin carriage bed inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale.

Enignum Bed
Beautiful and stylish wooden bed designed by Joseph Walsh.

Bird Nest Bed
Bird nest inspired bed designed by Merav Eitan and Gas­ton Zahr.

Floating Platform Bed
Stylish floating platform bed designed by Holger Wissmann.

Wave Bed
Modern double bed designed by Karsten and Jakob Gudiksen.

Cardboard Bed
This bed is made from cardboard that is folded like an accordion.

Spring Bed
The springs ensure a comfortably responding support irrespective of the hardness of the mattress. Your bed partner can easily turn around without waking you up.

Air Conditioned Bed
Using extremely quiet dual-fans at the end of the bed, cool air is pulled in from behind your head and circulated through the soft membrane which also acts as an air-cushion.

Egg Bed
Cool egg-shaped futuristic bed designed by Günther Thöny.

Ceiling Bed
BedUp system saves space by storing your bed near the ceiling.

Hamburger Bed
Creative bed by Kayla Kromer looks like a giant hamburger. You will need unique bed frame for this bed. Get it at Bedroom World.

Air Bed
Letto platform bed from designer Daniele Lago gives the illusion that the bed is floating in the air.

Urano Bed
Beautiful S-shaped bed designed by Leonardo Dainelli.

Sonic Bed
Modern bed by Kaffe Matthews looks like a big coffin and includes loud speakers with subwoofers.

Curve Bed
This unusual contemporary bed is hand produced in France. It is available in numerous colors and two distinct finishes.


  1. The ceiling bed is ideal for those who doesn't have a lot of space. I just wonder if it safe enough. Can it handle enough weight to keep from falling off?

  2. There is no doubt that all the above beds are outstanding and one would love to have them but as these must be pretty expensive so not affordable for everyone, nowadays you can order custom beds, just tell the manufacturer about your budget and the design you have in mind.