Thursday, September 29, 2011

45 Creative and Unusual Rings

Unusual and creative rings designs from all over the world that will spice up your jewelry collection and makes you feel unique...

Growing Ring
Beautiful nature inspired ring designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson.

Double Band Ring
Handmade sterling silver ring with a hand brushed hammered finish.

Barcode Rings
Creative barcode rings collection by Pippa Knowles jewellery.

Hidden Diamond Ring
With a gentle yet firm outward pull from both sides, the ring opens to reveal the diamond.

Gold Ring Watch
It is a gold watch, ring, and necklace all in one. Beautiful design made for the fans of gold engagement rings.

Sushi Ring
Bento jewelry by Carolyn Tille features realistic pieces of sushi.

Soap Ring
Unique rings designed by Nancy Wu disappear when they are used.

Periodic Table Rings
Clever periodic rings from ITSNONAME are available in silver, gold, and platinum. Platinum wedding rings feature corresponding metal’s atomic number and weight.

Ethernet Rings
Cat 5 compliant wedding rings set, each ring is made to order.

Meringue Rings
Designed to look just like a little meringue by German designer Tanja Hartmannby.

Cocktail Glass Ring
Unique ring designed by Frida Jeppsson for the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Awards.

Ring Sight
Now you can increase your “handgun” aim with a ring sight.

Zip Tie Ring
Contemporary sterling silver zip tie ring comes with matte finish.

Binary Ring
Custom made binary wedding ring. The inscription reads: 01001010 01010011.

Book Ring
Unusual ring design by Ana Cardim looks like a miniature book.

Hot Coffee Ring
Unusual sterling silver ring designed for tea and coffee lovers.

Photo Frame Ring
Miniature scale picture frame that you can wear on your finger.

Kiss Ring
Creative ring designed by Nicholas Hoare and Chloe McCormick.

Bird’s Nest Ring
Handcrafted nest ring made out of Bronze colored copper wire.

Bottle Opener Ring
This awesome finger ring doubles as a handy beer bottle opener.

Deer Head Ring
3D printed Deer Hunter Redux ring designed by Bits to Atoms.

Till Death do us Part Ring
Why have one engagement ring when you can have four?

Square Ring

Money Ring
Sophie Kemp transformed one dollar bill into unique origami ring.

Wire Rings
Creative hand-knotted rings made out of reclaimed electrical wire.

Watch Movement Ring
Mechanical ring created out of recycled parts from old watches.

Teacup Ring
Life is an endless tea party with this amazing miniature teacup ring.

Guillotine Ring

Nut and Bolt Rings
Clever rings created out of gold plated brass by Kiley Granberg.

Wings Ring

Triple Ring
Oxidized silver ring comes with three inverted white diamonds.

Handcuffs Ring
Unique two finger ring by Natalie Hirsh looks like a pair of handcuffs.

Inner Message Ring
Ring with letters on the inside that leave a message on the finger.

Crayon Rings
Amazing crayon inspired rings designed by Timothy Liles.

Moustache Ring
This fake moustache ring will be useful in all kinds of situations.

Wooden Ring
Beautiful earth-friendly ring perfect for a wedding or engagement.

Plug and Socket Rings
Creative modern rings made from recycled silver by Casey Perez.

Love Ring
Awesome ring designed by Chutapat Wittaya from Thailand.

Wave Ring
Ring with ocean waves in contrasting white and yellow gold.

Gear Ring
Ring with gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun.

Level Ring

Camera Ring
Hot shot camera ring designed for the fans of photography.

Cushion Ring
Pilo-Pilo is a creative ring with a mini pillow attached to it.

Projector Ring
When light passes through the ring, it projects a series of photos.


Pac-Man Ring
Creative series of four rings inspired by the popular Pac-Man game.

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